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Hey, my new friend :)!

This is Tima.

This is Tima- Welcome to my website
This is Tima- Welcome to my website

Welcome to visit my website and make an opportunity for both of us to create a new communication that can bring us a chance to have new experiences and go beyond known. Woop :).

Here is an interview a lovely couple Denny Williams & Hanna Bengtsson have done with me.

That was my honor to be interviewed with them and have the chance to share my story there.

I had a great time with both of them.

The point I started suffering:

I was born in 1988 at winter midnight in the beautiful north of Iran. I’m super excited that you are going to read my story because sharing my story was like getting out of my cocoon.

So, have you ever been with those kinds of people who are looking for a person to humiliate? People to be fed with suppressing other people. I don’t want to analyze them or judge them, but I want to share my journey where those kinds of people lead me.

I had one of those kinds of characters in my life.

I didn’t know at the time of puberty, and before 7, my brain’s hardware wire or get main programs and rewiring the hardware would be so hard.  

It happened to me, and my brain wired by the feeling of humiliation and negative feelings about myself at the time of puberty.

I was not conscious, then I had accepted those illusions of humiliation. I thought those negative feelings that were made up of thoughts were real for a long time. 

At that time, the real part of me yelled to be expressed, but my thought deceived me for too long.

A severe conflict had happened inside of me.

It seemed to me I had lost the entire identity that I couldn’t communicate with anybody for several years.

How could I experience outside of myself, while a very severe negative self-talk was pulling my attention? (read my blog about attention, click here)

But I couldn’t ignore the sound inside of me was hunger to be expressed.

Anxiety, fear, permanent racing heartbeat filled my heart Always.

That made me a wanderer, a seeker, crazy to experience, communicate, adventure, close to exploded.  

my mental confliction made me a seeker
my mental confliction made me a seeker

I was always looking for the answers to so many questions.

What happened to me? Could I be cured? What is the truth? 

followed my curiosity and sought, traveled, communicated, read, got training for years, to teach my mind go beyond known, let past self-image go, let the present moment flow, let the unknown come.

That became my WHY in my life.

Finding a way to live in traveling, or as a nomad, was my constant struggle. I did a lot of things.

my mental confliction made me a seeker
my mental confliction made me a seeker

I got immersed in earning money, trading time for money, live in a rat race to start my life in traveling.

Then I realized I lost what I wanted.

I left my last job in a real estate agency without any alternative plan. Everything seemed foggy.

But just I knew enough was enough.

A great turning point 

Then I came across a Meditation retreat in the pristine nature for two weeks. It shook things up to me. 

I entered a new world. As time passes by, I came across a new theme that every day made me calmer and the road clearer. I could sense what I was looking for but not clear.

I came out of rat race, quit searching, not looking for money, peace, travel anymore.

I felt the answer was to sit calmly, not to move. The answer was already there.

Maybe I should keep silent to feel it. The problem was ME that I was looking for it out of there.

What took me here would show me the rest.

Evolution is a process; it does not have any goal and would happen by itself. There is not anything as BECOMING, that is an illusion. 

I should just keep calm and let it flow, experience what we call as LIVING.

If you want an adventurous life, you should learn to quit known to be able to go beyond known.

I should have learned keep silent
I should have learned keep silent

Later on, I got familiar with the Darkroom retreat.

I could stay in the total darkness for five and a half days.

It changed the whole meaning of JOY to me, which I was searching for all of my life.

It drew me to the present moment. In fact, it pulled my mind to HERE, NOW.

I experienced the most pleasurable moment after that.

My greatest lesson:

Believing the TIME is the root of SUFFERING.

I realized the TIME (the past and the future) was an illusion. Time was mental-made stuff created from AGRICULTURAL REVOLUTION, was invented in turns of URBANIZATION lifestyle.

Now, how could I care about my becoming? How could you ignore the mesmerizing state of NOW you are in, and still stare at your repetitive thought patterns? 

I got familiar with my breath and five senses that could be my best guidance in the life that I was looking for all my life.

I promised myself just to follow my curiosity.

Just take your next step. 

Life is a PROCESS, not a point in the future. 

There is not any point to arrive. 

Just NOW is real. What you can experience with your five senses, is only real, the rest exist just in your head, not anywhere else.

Every day I came across a new subject, breathwork, meditation, Whim Hoff method, mindfulness, Krishna Murti, Eckhart Tolle, Darkroom retreat, Darwinism, Tapping Therapy, traveling yoga teacher, teaching English online.

Eventually, Online business idea came in my way.

laptop lifestyle/ digital nomad, were something that triggered me.

To know about continuing my healing process and my Experience of Digital Marketing Journey.

Now my sound is hunger for expressing this healing journey with you.

I’m madly, deeply passionate about the brain function, which is mind and to help you to have a peaceful mind.

looking forward to hearing from you and your experiences, maybe your suppressed feelings or whatever else.

If you like my website, please share with your friends.:)

By Tima

Kind regards

Tima Mir
Tima Mir

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