Best Morning Ritual: An UPWARD GOING LOOP is what performs in a synergic way.

Creating an upward going loop with the best morning rituals:

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 In the previous one, I explained the importance of the morning routine.

Now, in this blog, I want to write about the best morning ritual.

I mentioned earlier that we are trapped in some programs in mind from the past, and if we tackle the day right out of bed, our life would be the continuation of the mind’s journey from last night.

That’s why morning ritual is so important at the beginning of the day.

In fact, a morning ritual can create another loop to boost your quality of life and kick-start your day, which all of what we do is to get that.

We want to create an UPWARD GOING LOOP to get you out of the default loop of your mind, which is mostly negative, with the best morning rituals.

An UPWARD GOING LOOP is what performs in a synergic way.

A good thought can create a good feeling; a good feeling creates resonated behavior and help you with decision making, But.

bUt I don’t want to suggest you positive thinking because I’ve experienced it for too long and now I can say it sucks.

Again BuT:

bUt it can work when you combine it with some letting go of exercises.

I mean, if you just focus on good things, you make bad things stronger and wilder. 

Because as we said in the MEET YOUR HAPPY CHEMICALS, bad feelings exist to alert you that something is threatening your survival.

So, negativity does exist, and what you should do is to spend some time to release them too, besides spending some time to teach your brain to release happy chemicals.

So what we include in our morning ritual is exercises on positive feelings and releasing negative feelings, both.

Best morning rituals to release negative feelings:

Best morning ritual
Best morning ritual
  1. Remembering three good things happened the day before right after you opened your eyes in the mornings:

In this way, you let your brain release serotonin, and you make a habit for your mind to release it the first seconds of each day instead of continuing the journey of last night.

Since activating each happy chemicals facilitates your brain releases other happy chemicals.

You boost your brain’s ability to release happy chemicals and find clues for releasing them more.

2. Rehydrating: (Drinking water)

Rehydration : Morning ritual
Rehydration : Morning ritual

You should drink water first thing in the morning.

Drinking water right after you wake up was one of the things that made a lot of changes in my body, digestion, and mood.

About 60 to 70 percent of your body is comprised of water.

When you are sleeping, your body is detoxifying, and toxicants are collected in our kidney, and it needs to be removed from our body.

When you drink water right after you wake up and eat your breakfast about 1 hour later, you help your body remove the toxicants by water you drank.

That makes a huge impact on your life.

3. Meditation: 

Tony Robbins
Tony Robbins

Meditation is what I can speak about its benefits for days.

First of all, I want to ruin this misunderstood belief about Meditation;

Meditation is not that you could expect you would have a silent mind during it, but a silent mind can be one of the by-products of Meditation after a long term daily meditation.

Contrary to popular belief, during Meditation, you would experience a rush of thoughts.

Meditation is that you change your relationship with your mind for a while, you let it belet it flowlet it golet come, whatever it happens.

But the key point is that you are going to cut that loop of thinking- feeling- behavior with Meditation. Read more on Why You Should Meditate.


With FREEWRITING, you are going to practicing translate the data from your subconscious mind to the words.

During Writing, when you pend writing and waiting for the right word, your subconscious mind is trying to suggest some words and check with your conscious mind, whether it is true or not.

In this way, your conscious mind and subconscious mind are interacting with each other.

Then, it brings more harmony in your brain and remove the blockages. 

You are creating a bridge between your conscious part of your brain and the subconscious part.

You are filling the gaps between different parts of your mind.

That is so powerful.

This is one of the best morning ritual to remove the dams on the way of your feelings with Writing.

You should pay attention to these points when you are FREEWRITING:

  • write at least 10 minutes per day.
  • Don’t mind whatever is coming on the paper.
  • Nobody would read it, so don’t panic, feel free, and let it flow.
  • The more funniest and the more chaotic, the more appreciated.
  • Imagine a paper is your closest friend who understands you whatever you are, accepts you whatever you are and don’t judge you at all because a paper cannot judge you:). This was my feeling during my mental problem at my puberty that I couldn’t speak with anybody and I had the feelings of shame and self-defeating thoughts, in that time writing was the only way I could express myself, and I could write for my only friend who was the paper from my DEEP DOWN. Actually, it saved me)
freewriting: morning ritual
freewriting: morning ritual

5. breathing technics:

breathing was lifechanging for me.

Every ability and potential we have should be activated by OXYGEN.

If your brain or other parts of your body don’t get enough oxygen, they cannot perform as well.

And if you breathe shallow, some part of your body wouldn’t get enough OXYGEN.

By the way, in an emergency, you breathe shallow and short and deactivate some parts of your body like the digestive system to be able to supply the blood to needed parts of the body until the situation goes.

But what if your body always is in emergency mode, what if you always breath shallow and don’t supply blood to other parts of your body like, digestive system?

When I found it about breathing, it shook everything to me. I realized most of the time; my bad feelings were because of shallow breathing because my body thinks that this is an emergency and gets the feeling of encountering a threat.

Also, you can change your nervous system mode; therefore, you can change your state of mind with a different way of breathing.

For example, if you lengthen the exhale more than your inhale, it helps your nervous system calms down.

Or if you exhale fast and short as if you are shooting a bullet from your belly, it works like coffee, and it boosts your energy and activates the sympathetic nervous system.

So you can leverage the way you inhale and exhale to change your mood so fast.

The morning ritual for ordering positivity to our subconscious mind:

6. dreaming:

I explained in this blog more about dreaming.

But to cut a long story short, By dreaming, you are teaching your brain to create a new neural pathway and helping it go beyond known and could be able to think out of the box and believe them.

When you don’t believe something; it doesn’t mean you cannot do that; it means your brain doesn’t know how to create its neural pathway for that experience.

And with dreaming, you are letting your brain exposed to experiences out of the box or your known world.

7. Body movement:

With body movement, you help your brain to release Endorphin, which is the euphoria that masks physical pain. 

Your brain releases Endorphin when you stretch out your body, laugh, and cry (also with some breathing technics)

Also, it helps your brain releases other happy chemicals more comfortably. 

8. Touch your loved ones:

morning ritual
morning ritual

You should remember something to feel trust to release oxytocin or touch someone you love.

When you remember something, it means you are letting your electricity (Read this blog:  what are thoughts and feelings) flow in the neural pathway for the trust.

It means you deliberately cause your brain to release oxytocin.

Again, it facilitates your brain to release other happy chemicals.

So in this way, you are leveraging by expressing your love feeling to who you like or love to boost your brain’s ability to releases happy chemicals with less effort.

In this way, you create an upward going loop to be on top all day, therefore all of your life.

9. Write your to-do list before you tackle your tasks:

every day write three of your things to do for that day, and just for a moment, imagine the good feeling after doing that thing.
In this way, you make your brain release dopamine, find the clue of a good thing for your survival, and make you take action toward that thing.


Start with the simplest one, like remembering three good things from the last day right after opening your eyes in the mornings.

Do it for one week

Then add another morning ritual

Do these two ones for another week

And add another one and so on.

The key is consistency, not that a big step. Just take small steps.

I wish you wake yourself up from the second sleep I mentioned above, get used to your morning routine, start your days energetic in new way and UNFOLD YOUR JOURNEY.

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