Brain Illusion

How do we perceive reality through Brain Illusion?

Brain Illusion
Brain Illusion
Tima Mir
Tima Mir

This event was mind-blowing for me and taught me how we perceive reality through Brain Illusion.

One day I was at the bathroom, and I didn’t turn the light on (mostly I go to the bathroom with lights off:)).

My mother called me, and I didn’t answer, she kept calling me and searching for me at home. 

She even opened the bathroom door, and because the lights were off, she didn’t pay attention to the inside of the bathroom. 

Also, she saw my phone, and she thought I should be at home, but the question was where I am.

The Brain illusion

  • When the light is off, don’t expect there is someone there.
  • When someone’s phone is at home, she is at home.

She got nervous and searched for me at home, but she couldn’t find me.

So, I decided not to answer her to let her understand that her nervousness was due to her Brain illusion.

She called my sister and all members of the family and, nobody knew where I am.

After a while, I came out and showed my mother that it was your Brain’s illusion, too freaked out that even if your answer is already there, but you cannot find it.

You may have seen Brain illusion when you try to do something secretly and deceive other people that you have done something usual and they believe you. 

But their Brain illusion comes when they trust their eyes, and they think their eyes can see all the truth.

In fact, your Brain and your eyes work together to understand the reality.

Your eyes pay attention to something, and your brain process it and creates a conception of reality; Brain illusion.

Tima Mir: How do we perceive reality through Brain Illusion?
Tima Mir: How do we perceive reality through Brain Illusion?

What do Brain Illusion tell us?

“When it comes to the misconception about your brain, don’t believe everything you hear, or see, or feel.” Eric Leclerc

This is the key is:

Understanding Brain illusion make me don’t trust what my mind presents for me as reality.

To me, understanding Brain illusion played an imperative role in being at peace of mind.

Being in a relationship with some Paranoid made me think of the Brain illusion too.

When I heard their illusional stories of reality, I was shocked by how the Brain can interpret reality in an illusional way and convince you that it is the truth.  

I realized the mind has the power to collect needed data for proving two contradicted stories from the same reality.

Also, I found that whenever I am in a negative mood while there is not any threat out there, I have something wrong with my mind’s interpretation of reality, and my mind is convinced me its interpretation is the truth, and I deceived by my mind.

When you don’t believe your minds narrate of reality, you don’t take seriously what your mind is telling you as ISSUE. 

Then you won’t go to find the answers for those illusional ISSUES; instead, you try to make an illusion that is congruent with you and make your mind to narrate the reality in a way that you want. 

This is awesome. Isn’ it?:)

Then you have room for Beyond Known, and you won’t trap in your Known World.

Then, you would LET IT GO, LET IT FLOW, LET IT COME.

So, confess your Brain illusion.

The Brain receives incomplete information from the world and tends to complete it with all data it has accumulated from the past and create Brain illusion, which kills your curiosity, which comes from the UNKNOWN.


Watch these Mind-bending videos of Optical Illusions:



Let your second nature go, let it flow, let your real nature come from the unknown with Go Beyond Known JOURNEY.

Put down stories in your head you have been carrying for too long.

Don’t sacrifice your interests to have a good life in the new Age anymore.

Can’t wait to read your comments.:)

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