How To Contact Tima

Tima Mir

I am also a big fan of COMMUNICATION, I learned a lot from communication with new and different people. Contact me and let the unknown flow through our connection:).

Personal Website – Home Page

 1. Telephone +989129634363

2. Contact Tima Mir by Email

3. Social Media:

     A- Facebook _ Tima Mir Facebook

     B- My Facebook business page: Go Beyond Known JOURNEY

     C_ My Facebook community page: Go Beyond Known JOURNEY

     D- WhatsApp Number_ +989018089329

(Connecting with me on WhatsApp is often the easiest and quickest way to contact ME and communicate)

     E-Skype _ Contact me on Skype at YEKIHASTEEM

     F- Linked In _ My Linked In Account

     G- Instagram_  go_beyond_known

4. Also, you can use the form below, comments or questions are welcome:).

I wish you find a great communications.