Discover your X-Factor; BE YOU

Discover your X-Factor
Discover your X-Factor

My discovery of  X-Factor:

Tima Mir
Tima Mir

When I discovered my X-Factor, I didn’t know it is my X-Factor. I was not searching for my X-FACTOR that I found it.

Discovering your X-Factor is an UNFOLDING JOURNEY.

I was one who always was seeking.

I always wanted to know what that job is that is aligned with my passion, and I would love to spend my whole life on it.

I experienced a lot of things to find what is the thing that I can choose it for all of my life.

But as time passes by, I got more disappointed.

This question didn’t leave me: Why I don’t like anything, I like everything, but I don’t love anything to spend my whole life on it.

But I had a constant dream of travel lifestyle, live as a nomad.

I just knew I want to do it. 

I didn’t know why. I didn’t know-how.

I didn’t dare to explain it to people around me, because that didn’t make sense to them.

I kept asking, what do you want then? What do you want from it? Why do you want to do it?

But I couldn’t make it.

Until I found COUCHSURFING and I could find so many people with the same passion, they were not trying to find the answers for those questions, and that made me feel secure and trust and accept my self more.

I didn’t know I was in discovering the journey of my X-Factor.

Eventually, I started my adventurous traveling, and after that, I found myself I always knew what I want, deep down I always was seeking it; a nomadic lifestyle, but I didn’t know that I knew it.

I didn’t know that was what I was searching for the whole of my life.

Still, I didn’t know it could be my passion to spend the whole of my life on it.

I thought my WHY in life should be different from a passion for having a nomadic lifestyle.

After that, whatever I did was to have it.

But still, I didn’t know why I want it, what should I say to the people about my passion? How could I explain my passion?

Just want to live as a nomad, and then what?

But the good part was that at least I was sure that was what I wanted.

And I had found so many people like me that could support my passion.

As time goes by, the puzzles of my X-Factor was picking.

I found more about it.

Again I found myself that I knew it all the time, just I was not aware that I knew it.

Then I realized finding your passion is a journey of discovery, finding what you die for it.

Then I found all of those questions didn’t have any answers. Your passion is something that you don’t know why you want it.

What is an X-Factor:

What is an X-Factor?
What is an X-Factor?

SO, your X-Factor is a unique way that you express and perform your passion, which is YOUR STYLE, to the world.

Find your unique style, BE WHAT EXACTLY YOU ARE to discover your X-Factor.


X-Factor is like a puzzle.

I couldn’t see more than ten steps of the road.

I had to discover it little by little.

I had to follow my curiosity and then see what would happen.

What is the thing you know deep down is your passion?

What is that thing you know you want, but you don’t dare to reveal it?

What is your UNIQUE STYLE express it?

Most of the time, your X-FACTOR is hidden under your weakness.

Because most of the time, we don’t like our style and want to emulate one special group style, because we perceive our style as a weakness.

It needs us to uncover it. Then, you realize you knew it before; it was with you all the time. But it masked.

So, you can find lots of things in your weaknesses. To find your X-FACTOR, you should look through your weaknesses. You should look through what you try to hide. What you hide, doesn’t let you be free and reveal your X-FACTOR.

Your X-Factor is unique to you.

Whatever it is, you know it when you encounter it!

Something that you can’t describe why you like it.

Your X-Factor is an unconventional quality of you that makes you stand out of the crowd.

Discover your X-Factor:

So, you need to wake it up and don’t accept you are your weaknesses. Don’t be identified by your perceived flaws. They can turn into your X-Factor.

“When I say taking your biggest weaknesses and taking your insecurities and making those your strengths, all it is, it’s a matter of just recognizing that that’s not actually who you are. That’s who this little guy(it’s like a little monkey or a parrot that this sits on your shoulder and tripping in your ear) telling you who you are. Read more on the next blog” Jay Kubassek

Jay Kubassek : My Mentor
Jay Kubassek: My Mentor

Don’t be afraid to reveal your weaknesses to those close to you.

We always want to prove they are not right. We need people to affirm it.

Make a list of your perceived weaknesses. Those should be what you are scared of that other people know.

You don’t speak about them with other people. 

You do whatever it needs to hide.

Which needs are you best at fulfilling?

What energizes you in your darknesses?

What has been drawn you all of your life? 

If you should share one message to the world, what would it be? 

What is your voice? If you should write a book about your story of life, what would the book’s name be? 

What is your voice hungry to tell other people? 

What would be that thing that you constantly say if I didn’t have that obstacle, I would do?

What would you like to change about the world?

What gives you the most energy?

If you didn’t have any fear, what would you like to do?

After you find the answer to these questions, find your “7 WHYs” to uncover why your passion matters to you to discover your x-factor.

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