Encounter with NOTHINGNESS

Breakthrough the fear of encountering “NOTHINGNESS.

Encounter with nothingness
Tima  Mir
Tima Mir

A wanderer subconsciously hungers for encountering with nothingness and go beyond known, simultaneously is escaping from being faced with it that makes him/her life on the two ends of the pole. I want you to know you are going to end with a message that would blow your mind.

The truth is that we all are escaping from reality in a particular way.

In our perception reality is nothingness, because the real truth is free from all meanings and known world that creates our identity.

A wanderer escapes from nothingness with wandering.

I’m a wanderer, and I assume you who is going to read this post are a wanderer or couldn’t express your wandering.

Because the word of wandering is two ends of the pole and cause you can not experience the reality as it is, and it makes the truth as nothingness that creates fear of nothingness.

Now I want to show you a new opening that lets you be in peace while you are a wanderer, lets you live without contradictions of the two ends of the pole while you are still an adventurer.

Go Beyond Known
Go Beyond Known

the root of the fear of nothingness :

Now I believe we all have a sense of wandering and being hunger for encountering nothingness; that’s why we all like to read adventurous stories.

A wanderer is always wandering for one different thing. Because it seems there is an infinity out there, that’s because of your addiction to it.

You are wanderer because you either accepted this BIGGEST LIE OF HISTORY to keep societies alive: there is something out there, and if you achieve that, you will experience real and constant happiness, satisfaction… and for that, you need time and effort. What I’m saying is that it is an ADDICTION to escape.

Encountering with nothingness :

I’m going to show you your addiction to nothingness with this simple exercise of this blog-: What is the root cause of all suffering?

Exercise :

Imagine this state just for a few minutes, where you are sitting in, who you see now, what you can hear just now in this room you are in, the objects around you, who you can see now, are the only things you can see, hear, touch, smell, taste in the universe. In other words, imagine what you can see, hear, touch, smell, taste right now, are the only things that exist in the universe. And there is nothing out there you should achieve. No point you want to arrive. No (mental) competition you are taking part in. Nothing from past you are carrying. No thoughts, no memories, no identities, no one, and nothing is out there that you feel a responsibility.

At this moment, nothing is chattering in your mind. There is nothing to worry about. You don’t have to arrive aspecific point. You don’t have any challenges. That’s all of your real life.

Encountering with nothingness
Encounter with nothingness

with this exercise, you were encountering with nothingness, and you were addicted to escape from nothingness with WANDERING.

I like to know if you feel an unknown fear, whether you found out what I meant? That is WANDERING ADDICTION, fear of lacking a challenge or meanings, fear of lacking even false hope, fear of nothingness.

I want to mention that we even cannot live without this wandering like a drug addict.

All of these unpleasant feelings are because of that. We lost the law of nature that is: SIMPLICITY, simplicity of real reality.

Again I want to tell you that wandering addict doesn’t even want a life without any challenges or live in peace. YOU, YOURSELF, always create problems to remain a wanderer still, not to encounter with nothingness.

“There is not any veil between the lover and the beloved, the veil is YOU, get out of the way Hafez.” Hafez

have you ever had the same epiphany?

The other side of nothingness :

I encountered the fear of nothingness in my experience in Vipassana.

I realized the reason for all of my wandering, which was the fear of nothingness, the fear of losing all of those structures I built in my mind to be able to achieve my dreams, joyous, peace, fulfillment.

the other side of nothingness
the other side of nothingness

my turning point epiphany :

But I was unaware that what I was looking for was the same as what I was escaping from, NOTHINGNESS. That shook everything.

As time passes by, my curiosity gets higher about breaking through the fear of encountering with nothingness.

Curiosity leads you to the real reality.

The exercise above brings you a state that there is nothing in your mind. No memory, not any egoistic feelings, there is just the pure reality that could be perceived by an empty mind, nothingness which is the other side of nothingness. Awesome.

“The hardest thing is to do something which is close to nothing because it is demanding all of you. There is no story to tell, nothing to hide behind. There is nothing” Mariana Abamovic.

Anyway, the only thing that prevents you from experiencing this peace of mind is self-made compulsion to give meaning to everything to create an (illusional) identity, an ego for yourself.

And I want to tell you that fulfillment, joyous would happen by the courageous of letting go one meaning, encounter with the fear of that if you leave one, then you should throw whole life into question. Doing this is the hardest part of the healing process that doesn’t let you go beyond known.

So don’t follow the meanings of your known world. Let them golet the present moment flow and let the unknown come.

Maybe all of your fears are because of that you are willing to find a meaning to add to your identity, then it would come up fear, fear of losing that meaning. Besides, an urge would come up, urge to put effort into the preservation of that meaning.

In a nutshell, we live in permanent fear of losing these meanings and nothingness.

After my experience of 5 and a half-day darkroom retreat, I realize how we are suffering from inventing the TIME. Objectifying time could be the root cause of all restlessness and suffering.

Keep it in mind, whenever you feel pressure, be aware that you are preserving one of those illusional meanings, let go, let flow, let it come. LITTLE stuff needs preservation.

Now I hope you know better about my mission, go beyond known.

Leave your known world, go beyond known, and unfold your journey.

I wish you take courage to encounter nothingness.



Let your second nature go, let it flow, let your real nature come from the unknown with Go Beyond Known JOURNEY.

Put down stories in your head you have been carrying for too long.

Don’t sacrifice your interests to have a good life in the new Age anymore.

Can’t wait to read your comments.:)

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