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Tima Mir

The known world: We should be aware of that; there is something inside of us that doesn’t let us SIT DOWN and do NOTHING because that is beyond known.

Then, there is something wrong with us.

Deep down, you know that you are escaping from something.

Deep down, you know that you are afraid of something inside of you that you think if you give it a moment, it will come up and ruin everything. Then unconsciously you decided to keep doing sth constantly lest that fearful thing comes up.

I understand that you fearfully think that what if you let everything be as they are, what if you let go of your criteria, what if you let it come from the unknown? what would happen then?

But you know better than me that if you let this fear control you, you would always be under the control of that fear, and you should always run from it. 

These fears create your KNOWN WORLD, a box to be sure that you are safe.

Yeah, you want to save that shape, your KNOWN BOX, because that is familiar to you, that is safe for you, you are afraid of beyond known.

If you prefer to be safe more than exploring the truth, you don’t need to continue reading, but if you want to know the reality, whatever it is, please read it, I have something to tell you based on my experiences.

You know that running from your fears, cost a fortune, and your whole life would be that cost.

What is that thing that you are running from it, and it doesn’t let you sit down?

What is that thing that convinced you that it is stronger than you, and you should always be running from it?

What is that thing that you believe that if it comes up, you will lose everything, and you believed that and you accept dedicating all your life to run from it, and be afraid of it, do whatever it needs to hide it?

Share your answers HERE.

You should always do something to hide it. 

But I want to invite you beyond that fear, go on the other side of the river of fear. 

I promise you there is somewhere you haven’t had expected it.

The edge of Going Beyond Known: My experience of Vipassana:

Spending 15 days on the vipassana retreat changed my life.

Since then, Meditation became a part of my routine. I cannot even think of living without Meditation, which was beyond my known world in the past.

At first, thinking of just sitting at a spot, doing nothing, or walk so slowly( walking Meditation) seemed like a total waste of my time.

I was kind of ADHD before my Meditation retreat; Just after that, I realized how chaotic my life was before.

I was always in a hurry and waiting for the next moments and next move.

I didn’t know what I was searching for, felt WANDERER kind of (read more HERE.

I had learned that the busier you are, the more worthy and useful you are. The more you ignore your body and consume it, the more potent you are. The rat race belief had possessed me. 

I didn’t pay attention to my body at all. 

But then, when I came back from the vipassana retreat, I found myself in another state of mind. 

That was the start of a new journey for me, beyond my known world.

I was Going beyond Known

At first, I couldn’t communicate with my friends like before; that was hard for me to accept the new state of mind and leave my old ego.

I found myself in a great contradiction between who I was and who I am. 

I felt a conflict inside of me—the conflict between my new state of mind and my old self.

 I was a watcher of their conflict for a while.

The old self was saying: 

Do you really want to leave me? 

It’s been a long time we were together, I was the closest one to you during these years, in every condition. 

I always sympathize with you, I knew you better than everyone else, I was with your ups and downs. 

How can you leave me? 

What would be waiting for you after me? 

What would happen to you after me? 

How can you leave me and all of our memories, all of our stories, all of our challenges? We both have tried a lot to find some ways to other people accept you, how can you leave all of our achievements, all of your chances of being accepted? 

People won’t accept you anymore if you leave me because they accepted me, not you. 

But if you leave me, you leave all of your relationships, all of your chances for being accepted. 

And you know better than everyone else that we tried a lot, we put so much effort into finding that level of being accepted by other people. 

How can you leave all of them?

YEAH, she(my old-self) was right, I knew that I had tried a lot to find that level of social acceptance.

I remembered all of our challenges, all of our ups and downs, all of those moments that nobody was there except me and my old-self, I knew her as my best friend, she knew all of my secrets, she knew me better than everyone else, she understood me in my darknesses. 

She was my closest friend. 

That was like breaking up with your loved one with your closest friend that always was with you in your dark times. 

Go Beyond Known: I stepped out into the unknown

But eventually, I dumped her.

I knew that I had so many communications that I achieved them very hard, and they could stay alive only if I was with my old self, but I left her.

I experienced a new state of being that I couldn’t bear my old self anymore. 

I knew that there was a vast majority of opportunities out there; there was a new world appealing me to explore it. 

I couldn’t ignore my thirst to go beyond known.

I left her with nothing in front of me.

I left her even though I was aware that I would have so many challenges. I left her.

The only thing that I was SURE about was that I didn’t want to live with her anymore. 

But it was hard. It was hard as if you are breaking up with a 30-year-old relationship.

I had found a new world.

I didn’t want to live in a limited story, which was my known world that the only benefit it has was that it was familiar to me. 

I wanted to let my old self go, let it flow, let the unknown come.


Where Learned How To Live, Work, Earn Money In The FLOW With Life.



Let your second nature go, let it flow, let your real nature come from the unknown with Go Beyond Known JOURNEY.

Put down stories in your head you have been carrying for too long.

Don’t sacrifice your interests to have a good life in the new Age anymore.

Can’t wait to read your comments.:)

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