How can I find my deep passion?

How can I find my deep passion?
How can I find my deep passion?

How can I find my passion?

Tima Mir
Tima Mir

To answer this question: How can I find my passion? you need to sit down, take an empty paper, take a couple of hours, and ask yourself:

  • Who really are you?
  • What is your reason for jumping out of bed every morning(Ikigai)?
  • When you experienced a feeling of joy in your life? 
  • What is the most exciting memory of your childhood or in your whole life? 
  • What was your worst memory of your childhood or in your whole life? 
  • When you faced a severe opposition or a feeling of suppressed when you were a child? 
  • Whose sound pops to your mind whenever you want to express your real nature, passion, or when you imagine your dream comes true?
  • What regrets you have?  
  • Who are you jealous of? (Because jealousy shows that you suppressed a part of your passion deep inside of you, and now that you see it outside of you, you feel lack of it that turned into jealousy.) 
  • What talents you had before, but nobody took it seriously, and that made you hide it? 
  • What abilities you had, and you couldn’t find a safe space to reveal it because people surrounded you were different from you? But that ability is still a hunger for showing up. 
  • What would you unfold if you find a safe place for sure you would be taken seriously, and nobody would underestimate you? 
  • What lies have you been told that just you know that you are not those labels, but you don’t dare to prove it and reveal your real nature?

You don’t feel understood, and now it shows up as a fear deep inside of you, now you are afraid of unfolding it when you want to think about it, then all of the other people’s voices come to your head, and now you criticize yourself instead of them. Also check this out: How to find your wildest passion?

I know exactly how loud is the noises from your childhood because your first six years of your life are the most important. It seems after 6 or 7 years, you got enough unconscious programs (I got it from Bruce Lipton)to be able to do personal stuff, and you got glasses to help you see the world around you through it, and most of the time, we use the same programs and glasses for the rest of our life. I got it from Bruce Lipton.

And the most impressive point is here: That your familly who you spent most of your time with during those first 6 or 7 years, built those glasses and programs for you. Also, they built them based on their parents.

My experience of hiding my passion:

I was hiding my passion
I was hiding my passion

What I want to say is that I know how their noises would play in your head when you want to even think about your passion, your own style, because I took that path too.

My older brother always criticized me for every little thing that caused me to get a self-efficacy problem. My brother’s voice was always repeating in my head, even when he is not with me. Then, that turned into my own voice in my head. That was not my brother that told me you are not deserved; you are immature; you are insane anymore; that was me told myself. 

My brother’s voice (my criticizer) turned into self-talk in my head.

Whenever I wanted to express myself, my feelings, my emotions, my own style, that familiar sound that was the sound I heard most of the time at my childhood popped up and made me fearful of my real SELF. Yes, I had been lied to that my real SELF is threatening.

I had been lied to that there was something wrong with me, and I believed it, because I was a child, and I thought I should protect it lest other people know it.

I carried that feeling of having a flaw deep inside of me for years until I started to experience the outer world outside of the family. The more I experienced and communicated, the more I explored my SELF. The more I found people like me that they had the same style, the same passion as me. 

Nothing was more worthwhile for me at that time to find a resonated group to realize that there is not basically something wrong with me. That was just a misunderstood of my brother that brainwashed me.

The more I explored the outer world; the more I find my passion grew in silence deep inside of me, the more I got the confidence to reveal it. At first, the more I revealed, the more opposite noises were getting higher, then the stronger and wilder I got to reveal and defend my passion against who couldn’t believe me. 

Dig deeper to find your passion:

How can I find my passion? Take time and write.
How can I find my passion? Take time and write.

What I want you to do is sit alone for a couple of hours, without any other noises, in a safe situation. Make safety circumstances for your deepest part, for your passion. Make your deepest part__including of your wildest dreams, killer desires, fears, irrational passions__sure that nobody is here to judge it, and you are in a safe position. Let it share itself to you whatever it is, this time without any other noises—just you and your nature, not your second nature that is made up of your surroundings.

You should make a connection between the parts of your mind.

You need to know what emotions and data are in your brain that masked as your real SELF. 

A person’s identity is nothing but fears, rational or irrational desires, values, beliefs, and hates. Write what your identity is?

Your fears/ rational or irrational desires/ values/ beliefs/ and hates

Then, what I want you to do is write down: (Watch this video to get more about this exercise)

  • what you are passionate and you are good at too:

For me, it is Adventure- Writing- Learning about a human being’s mind and brain- helping people to be free of their blocked emotions- help people go beyond known- Sharing what I’m learning- Doing creative stuff- Having ideas- travel lifestyle- Playing ping pong- Dancing- Making video- Creating content…

  • something you are passionate, but you are not good at:

Speaking in public- concentration- time-management- self-efficacy- being calm facing with criticizers.

  • what you are good at, but you are not passionate:

Making cold calling- singing- cooking- Architecture- mathematic- Being an operator of a software- Being an employer-  

  • What you are not passionate, and you are not good at:

Medical stuff- monetizing- bodybuilding- Fashion(mode)- bearing geographical limitation- navigation- Remembering birth-date:)

What are your answers to these above questions?

In my opinion, people are divided into four groups:

  1. Who knows what is their passion and they are living their life they love.
  2. Who knows what their passion is, and they are struggling with living a life they love. They are always searching for a way to be able to live a life they love.
  3. Who doesn’t know what is their passion in life, and they are always searching for this question: How can I find my passion in life? What is makes me happy the most? They are restless and wanderer until they find their answers to these questions.
  4. Who doesn’t know what their passion is in life, and they don’t care about finding it. They are ok with whatever they do in life, maybe because they think they cannot change anything in life.

So, now which category are you in?

If you are in a group of 1 or 2 or 3, this blog post helps you to beat the criticizer’s voices in your head and reveal your deep passion.

Let me know what your relationship is with your deep passion:).

I spent most of my life in groups 3 and then 2, and now I am doing what I am passionate about.

How can I find my passion?
How can I find my passion?

Fight for it; it is so hard to see that other people are lying to you just because of they cannot see you as whatever you are, because of their limited mind and maybe they are just had born several years sooner than you, it really doesn’t mean they should tell your way of living. 

Please don’t trust other people’s opinions about you. Read: How I Found My Passion in Life?

When you wake up and take your go beyond known journey in life and dare enough to reveal your real nature, they would change their attitude as easily as possible and trust you and forget that what they had done in your life not to find your passion.

And nobody takes this responsibility. At that time, the only thing that you would tell yourself is: WHY I WASTED ALL OF MY LIFE FOR THEIR LIES, WHY I BELIEVED THEIR BELIEFS ABOUT ME FOR SUCH A LONG TIME.

I hope it wakes you up, stops following noises of people’s opinion, and looking through glasses they made for you.

If my unfolding experience resonated with you and awakened your inner voice, or maybe you felt a safe place to reveal your wildest, irrational desires, please send me your answer to this question_How can I find my deep passion?_ to this email and share your experiences. For me, nothing is more motivating than waking an asleep passion up and help it to grow.

Maybe one day, our sick culture cured, and people understand that they are not who to choose a passion or way of life for others.

Watch 7 Free Video Series where I could stop sacrificing my deep passion, beat criticizer’s voices in my head, changed my mindset and self-image that is aligned with my real nature, be daring to face my fears, found my deep passion and could live a lifestyle I love. It is a JOURNEY.



Let your second nature go, let it flow, let your real nature come from the unknown with Go Beyond Known JOURNEY.

Put down stories in your head you have been carrying for too long.

Don’t sacrifice your interests to have a good life in the new Age anymore.

Can’t wait to read your comments.:)

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Tima Mir

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