How I Found My Passion In Life:

How I Found My Passion in Life
How I Found My Passion in Life

How to find your Passion:

Tima Mir
Tima Mir

Are you keep asking yourself, “what is my passion in my life?”

Searching for the answer to this question is like searching for seed under the land.

You cannot find it until it sprouts and grows and show itself to you.

Then it calls you; you would find it like you found a lost love. 

You feel it was with you all the time, but it needed the READINESS to meet you.

You should wait for the right moment, in the right place that your Passion shows up.

“Instead of trying to find your Passion, let your Passion find you.”

My Passion sprouted in my darkest time:

The whole story of finding my Passion began at my puberty.

When during the summer, I felt things are starting to change.

That was like slipping in a hole. Suddenly, BOOM, I found myself at the bottom of the well.

And my life meant to live since then.

My life turned into struggling to get out of that well.

I was madly curious about Going Beyond that well.

That curiosity created a Passion, a passion for going into the unknown, and experience Flow State

I kept asking myself what my Passion is. And I thought if I found my Passion, I would get rid of this hell.

The problem was that the well I was stuck in was invisible to others.

The only one who could see the well was me.

So, I couldn’t even get help from others.

That was a shift of my self-image into negativity. 

I followed my Passion:

My darkest time led me to be passionate about going into the unknown:

My unfolding journey was beginning—the journey of finding my Passion

I was finding my Passion without me knowing.

I was curious about my real nature, and going beyond known, whatever except this illusional state.

“The majority of your thoughts and thinking are not your thoughts and thinking; they are other people’s that have been programmed into your subconscious mind. Many of them being under the age of 6 years old. In other words, you don’t even know damaging, the self-limiting beliefs, negative thinking, excuses. In other words, your excuses are so embedded within you; you don’t even know you have them. They are there. they are coming up without you even realizing.” Stuart Ross (My mentor)

To me, it seems I believed the second nature as my reality, and my real nature was hungry to be revealed. 

I was passionate about exploring the world and traveling to find my real nature.

I always was seeking happiness, joyous.

I had found it to travel to other places. 

I found my Passion, but I didn’t know where it is taking me.

I found my Passion, what I couldn’t live without:

I was passionate about following my Passion.

I fell in love with my Passion. I couldn’t help following it. Nothing was important for me more than following my Passion.

Wher my Passion led me:

Deep down, I always had this idea that if I stop the input to my mind, with no outer visual and audio information, in total darkness and silence, my real nature gets the chance to show up.

In one of my travels, experiencing 15 days in vipassana retreat in 2018 was a level of stopping the input, and I felt a significant change in my mind. However, it seems my real nature was still on the way of showing up, and its battle with my second nature was more apparent.

In fact, my Passion for traveling led me to travel inside of me and explore more of it.

How I found my Passion in life
How I found my Passion in life

My real nature was not showed up enough to bring peace for me, yet.

Simultaneously I felt calm and chaotic.

Since then, I Pursued my Passion every day.

My Passion ignited:

My Passion ignited
My Passion ignited

I was more passionate about revealing my real nature more than before.

By chance, I met a guy named D Brannickhe was the right guy, at the right time, in the right place.

I learned a lot from him to quench my thirst to reveal my real nature.

He introduced me to Mantak Chia, the master of Darkroom. You don’t have any idea how excited I was when I searched about it and found the idea of Darkroom retreat.

I realized that Darkroom could change the brain chemically, and that made me madly passionate to do it. 

That was my killer desire to change my brain chemically to get out of that illusional well.

So, I got a little information, and I’ve made a 3-day Darkroom retreat for 3 or 4 times, and I could feel my real nature coming up more and more every time.

D Brannick inspired me to do it for 40 days; I was freaking excited about that idea:).

So, I decided to do it for seven days.

I heard from Mantak Chia, after one week in total darkness, the brain releases Melatonin. And after several days staying in total darkness when the accumulation of the Melatonin comes to 25 milligrams( I guess), it turns into 5MeO( not sure of the name).

And when you have enough 5MeO, it turns into DMT (it depends on the person which day releases DMT), which is in Psychedelics Drugs too like LSD. 

Watch this video frim Mantak Chia: How to Produce natural DMT in Darkroom:

When I realized our brain has these chemicals, and you don’t need any drugs to get in a different state of mind, that made me more Passionate to follow Darkroom.

My experience of Darkroom Retreat:

So, I decided to stay in total darkness for seven days.

I started from night.

The first night I was scared of the unknown.

My mind created a lot of scary thoughts from NOTHING.

Those thoughts came and made me leave the darkness, but I knew that feeling as well.

I had experienced it when I wanted to start my hitchhike traveling, the moment before I wanted to start my vipassana retreat, the day before I wanted to travel alone, the days before I wanted to start my online business journey, the night before I wanted to leave my family and hometown and live independently at my 20 age, the moments before I wanted to meet an important person.

I knew that was the law of inertia, resistance, which I found right before each turning point of my life.

I smashed the first night, and I got cooler.

I was curious to pass the days and wait for my brain to release DMT and see something unusual.

I knew if you chase something, it will escape from you.

I tried to let it go, but barely I could do it.

I experienced all kinds of thoughts, dreams, exciting feelings, frustrating feelings, questions.

I can say just I saw one-moment unusual scene during all those five and a half days.

Then, I got to the 6th day, which was hard to bear because that was close to the end, and the last moments were unbearable.

The 6th day was harder than all the previous five days.

Best lesson in my Darkroom Retreat:

On the 6th day, I was surprised by my mind; everything was the same as the past five days, but it made the 6th day unbearable.

As time passes by, I found how my mind creates the illusion of TIME and makes SUFFERING from it.

It was the thinking of TIME that made the 6th day harder because my mind just wanted to reach the goal sooner and was restless to reach to end, the route of the journey did not matter.

My mind kept calling me to travel to a point other than the present moment, what it did to me all the time.

I found my mind addicted to chattering and afraid of the nothingness of the present moment.

Because in the present moment, there was nothing to engage with it except the state of BEING.

I had tried everything to power over the mind and its illusion, but I came to the thought that I don’t want to win a Medal or make an egoistic thing from it; also, I knew evolution happens by itself, and the pressure would make the process slower.

So, on the evening of 6th day, I decided to leave the Darkroom. That was still daytime.

Where my Passion took me:

I missed my favorite music, Nils Frahm – Says.

I took a shower, put on my clothes, and went for a walk, put on my handsfree, and played the song Nils Frahm – Says.

Then, I could say I experienced the most pleasant state of mind I’ve ever felt. 

I sensed my brain hormones were in a very harmonious state that brought such a feeling of joyous to me.

Then I was thinking to myself, YES, IT WAS WORTH IT to stay five and a half days in darkness to get this state of joyous, inner happiness.

For the first time, I felt joyous that convinced me to live my life.

That was the first good feeling that I wanted to live to experience it more and more.

I could feel the moments. I could feel the joyous was hidden in every moment.

I didn’t need to put a lot of effort into providing a condition to feel joyous and happy.

I could even enjoy a nice color. I couldn’t expect it before to feel fulfillment with watching a color.

I was happy with where my Passion took me.

I was happy that I followed my Passion.

That was summer, and nature was in its most beautiful state.

I found My Passion clearer:

After my darkroom experience, I sensed nature calling me.

I went to nature, at the mountain, and stared at one point and observed the whole scene from an environmental perspective for hours.

That took me to that state of mind that I experienced right after coming out of the darkness.

That was satisfying for me to get from my life.

I felt there is everything; I am everything, but not a specific thing.

I felt at that state that my ego meltdown.

I felt I am nothing while I am everything, a feeling of vastness. Read my blog about NOTHINGNESS

Still, my best hobby is to spend hours in nature and try to get that state of mind and enjoy life.

I found my Passion clearer.

My Passion took me where I did not have any idea about it when I slipped in that illusional well.

One part of my Passion is to create a Dark place to help people experience total darkness without any kind of input, let them experience NOTHINGNESS, let them Go Beyond Known (Read my blog on Go Beyond Known).

That’s my WHY.

I’m still waiting to experience it again and longer, who knows, maybe in Mantak Chia’s Darkroom Center:).

My story brought me here that my voice is hungry for telling people with a self-defeating mind who are seeking happiness from the outside, to seek it from inside of them.

So I didn’t actually find my Passion. It found me.

Where are you in the journey of finding your Passion?

Send your answers to me; I love to hear from my readers:).

Read My experience of the digital world to know how I found a way to work around my passion in life.



Let your second nature go, let it flow, let your real nature come from the unknown with Go Beyond Known JOURNEY.

Put down stories in your head you have been carrying for too long.

Don’t sacrifice your interests to have a good life in the new Age anymore.

Can’t wait to read your comments.:)

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