How to create a Mind Map?

How to create a Mind Map?

Why you need a mind map?

Tima Mir
Tima Mir

If you are an entrepreneur or your work makes you be overwhelmed by lots of data and ideas and pieces of training, or you need to have peace of mind to create fresh content like me, and it stops you from thinking free, Mind mapping is a must for you.

I was searching for a way of planning to help me get rid of this overwhelming, that I came across Mind Mapping in one of our pieces of training that blew my mind. It was interesting that I found out there are other people like me that were struggling with overloading information that led them to create such simple and useful tools and bless them.

Why should you use a mind map?

How to create a Mind Map?
How to create a Mind Map?How to create a Mind Map?

“The thing that made the biggest difference for me was doing less thinking.” Stuart Ross (My Mentor)” 

Yes, it helps you less thinking which causes more creativity. Have you ever suffered from information overload or overthinking? Have you ever overwhelmed by your daily life work? Are you busy-minded?

If so, this very simple technique, mind mapping, is a must for you. Also, mind mapping is one of those secrets that is ignored because of its simplicity. But mark my word, please don’t reject or criticize any idea while you haven’t tested it.

During the last 200 years after the Industrial Revolution, human beings were exposed to new types of issues that had never experienced like them before.

I remember I read in Yuval Harari‘s book, Sapiens, that he mentioned some issues like the traffic issue that human being’s brain is struggling in the new age, is a very new type of issue. And he hasn’t learned how to cope with it and 200 years is too little to deal with such a complicated issue.

Also, we cannot deny it that we carry more data than the capacity of the part of the brain, which is responsible for analysis and decision-making and planning- the prefrontal cortex- because the prefrontal cortex can only process 40 bits of data. That’s why we experience a lot of pressure and stress in the new age. 

Today’s issues are not aligned with our instinct. In other words, our brains haven’t been congruent with today’s life yet.

So, we should learn some skills to be incongruent with living in a society with such amount of struggles. Also, mind mapping boosts your productivity, whatever niche you are in.

What is Mind Mapping?

The good news is that Tony Buzan invented Mind mapping to use visual methods of representing, organizing, and understanding information, and he solved the information overload issue we all carry in our minds. Mind map creates a map for your mind, and manage it.

Tony Buzan
Tony Buzan

“There is something far more important to manage than to manage knowledge. You have to manage the manager of the knowledge, and that is the brain.”__Tony Buzan

When things are in your mind, they are complicated, when they are in the other places they would be simple. So, the whole idea is to dump your brain somewhere.

How does mind map work?

Our brain works with visualization. The brain analyzes and remembers, makes decisions via visualization. Language works with visualization.

Let’s try a very simple test:

I say, “A banana.”

What cames to your mind?

Did you visualize it?

Did you imagine the color of it?

So our mind works with visualization and receives and sends data through visualization. That’s why mind map works with visualization too. A mind map is visualizing what is in your mind in order to your brain could get it better. 

Then, it is different from linearly making a To-Do list. You can visualize all of your life to understand and get all aspects of your life better and surround it to make better decisions. I am going to write about dumping all of your life and plans in one Amazing Software called NOTION that I recognized recently in the next blog.

How to create a mind map?

Watch video below to learn how to create a mind map for yourself:

Three mind map tools:

Watch video below to know 3 simple amazing mind map tools:

Send me your experiences with this simple method, Mind Mapping, and Greta Mind Mapping tools mentioned in the above video. I love to hear from my readers. Please share your comments using the section below or send it to my email or share in the Facebook community.

Don’t hesitate to ask your questions about creating a mind map. Love to help you to wake up in a new world.:)



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Put down stories in your head you have been carrying for too long.

Don’t sacrifice your interests to have a good life in the new Age anymore.

Can’t wait to read your comments.:)

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