How to deal with Digital Distraction?

How to deal with digital distraction?
How to deal with digital distraction?

The importance of dealing with Digital Distraction:

Tima Mir
Tima Mir

Brian Solis anthropologist and futurist, says that we were not prepared for the dangers of digital distraction. He says that the problem is that much of digital distraction is caused by social media, which is designed to be addictive. “Our attention is traded as a commodity,” Source.

As Brian Solis said, Social media is designed to be addictive. That is very impressive for me to find out ways to deal with Digital Distractions

I remember I heard from Yuval Harari that since the Industrial Revolution, 200 years ago, Government and Market were going to replace family and local communities. Then, you couldn’t meet your needs with your family and neighborhoods anymore, because you became a member of a larger community and your needs couldn’t be met with those small groups.

So, you became addicted to technology and social media more and more until where you cannot manage Digital distraction to find your real needs at first, then decide to find answers to them in the new larger community.

The most important thing today is to ask the right questions, find your real requirements, and then take advantage of the internet and technology and go for finding answers in this ocean.

When you are overwhelmed with information overload, you cannot find the right questions, the right needs. Then your needs, your desires would be manipulated with information overload. Then, you won’t meet your own needs, but the needs of marketers.

So, it is important to deal with Digital distraction and take some time away from it not to be used by technology, but you use it.

Digital distraction
Digital distraction

The market works with your attention to sell products constantly because the INDUSTRY cannot stop. “Our attention is traded as a commodity”__Brian Solis.

How you start escapism with Digital distractions:

A second nature would be created for you with Social media and technology, and this makes you try more and more to hideĀ your unconscious mind’s voice; that is a reality that exists inside of you waiting to be met and couldn’t be ignored. Then your urge to escape from it would be more. That’s why you grab your phone right after waking up or right before sleeping, which kills your creativity.

We all are suffering information overload.

You would be greedy to know everything about whatever comes to your devices through social media, but you are ignoring your inner urges.

Imagine some emotions are flowing from your unconscious mind; you have two choices. One is to consider your emotion and let it be, feel it, let it flow to leave you, like a liquid, because there is a constant urge for an emotion to flow.

But there is another way that is escaping from it.

Digital distraction
Digital distraction

So, there are lots of escapism in today’s life that can instantly make silent the voice of your unconscious mind.

The problem is this.

Then we became addicted to escape from feeling our feelings because escapism is very accessible

How to deal with Digital Distraction?

Digital Age is a phenomenal opportunity for those who have great ideas and are creative if they know how to deal with digital distractions. If you need creativity in your job, wake up and take Digital distraction seriously, because it will kill your creativity and productivity without you even knowing of it.

  • D Brannick, one of my impressive communications in my life, as I mentioned him in my other blogs, suggested me to experience A PHONE OFF DAY. I’ve done it, and I set one PHONE OFF DAY per week for several months. 

I had not any idea of how it went. Each PHONE OFF DAY seemed one week to me, and I had a lot of time to do all of my stuff. I had challenges, and in this situation, your brain starts to be creative because it is in very new circumstances. 

I invite you to experience it. Please share your experiences with me when you do it through email or f.b, or other social media.

As soon as you start your digital detox, you would experience a new way of thinking and state of mind, and your issues would change from your point of view because your brain’s structure changed, so define your problems differently.

How to deal with digital distraction?
How to deal with digital distraction?
  • Never turn on your phone when you wake up for 60 minutes. 

The Best Time for creativity is Right After Waking up.

“The study looked at morning and evening MRI scans and observed that mornings showed more connections in the brain.”

The first thing you do in the mornings is grabbing your phone and not let your unconscious mind even communicate with your conscious level. Then, you don’t know what’s going on inside of you. You don’t even let your unconscious mind to tell you from its creative part. Then you always have to imitate other people. 

The most creative connections are active in the mornings. You should not have any input for your mind to get the best result of its creativity. In the mornings, it is better to do something not to have input right after wake up, like taking a bath, meditation, walking, feeling the fresh air on your skin, and freewriting.  

  • During the day, set your clock to ring every one hour, and you should just check your phone when the alarm clock rang, not to check it every time your addicted mind applies it to kill your creativity and productivity.

Let’s say you decided to write a blog. This decision activates some part of your subconscious mind to figure out how to make that decision real. In that processing, when you get so many notifications as Digital distraction, those pull your attention and don’t let your brain create neural pathways for the experience you wanted. Unwanted distractions that kill your creativity.

  • Right before each time you grab your phone, just breath one time deep and slow. It is effective more than you think of it.
  • Multitasking is a waste of time and mental capacity. I heard this example from my mentor:

Imagine there is a glass of juice that when you see it, you cannot distinguish between orange juice or pineapple juice when you use only your auditory sense. But when you taste it, you use two of your senses and realize that this is orange juice. What if you just used your auditory? You would be in an illusion that you are drinking pineapple juice.

Digital distractions make you addicted to multitasking and don’t pay attention to what you are doing with all of your senses. Then, you live with some assumptions about reality. That’s why sometimes you feel the chaos and overwhelm.

“The need to constantly check devices is not only undermining our attention spans but reducing empathy, harming our mental health, and lowering productivity and creativity.”__ Brian Solis Source

The more we spend our attention on social media and digital devices, the more we likely to be sold.

Please share your experiences of ways to deal with Digital distractions in this blog. Please take Digital distraction seriously. It harms your life more than you are aware of it.



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