How to feed your curiosity:

How to feed your Curiosity
How to feed your Curiosity

Why you need to feed your Curiosity:

Tima Mir
Tima Mir

Feeding Curiosity causes you willing to continue your life in darkness. 

Let you stand up when everybody says, you cannot go on, even if nobody around you confirms you, even if all of the pieces of evidence show your Curiosity lead you to nowhere.

But you cannot stop it; you cannot leave it alone. You cannot turn it down. It is alive inside of you, calling you under your ups and downs. 

So you need to feed your Curiosity to make your life easier to live.

As Dr. Jud Brewer, MD Ph.D., says Curiosity is U shape.

At first, the willing to fill the gaps, finding the answers would increase the Curiosity, and it raises to a peak and then decreases because the answers filled the gaps.

Then Curiosity shows up in another way, and the new finding arises a new state of Curiosity with new questions willing to be answered.

Then the process repeats again and again.

One Curiosity leads us to another, which is unknown to us now. 

That is what is told to follow your Curiosity. 

Because the Curiosity would show you the next step, and only when you know the next step that you dare to take the current step that your Curiosity is drawing you.

Feeding your Curiosity creates interest, which causes you not to need an outer reward because it creates the reward for the brain’s needs intrinsically, also it never runs out.

Yes, Curiosity is a journey.

You need to unfold your journey during your life.

There is not any final point to achieve. 

You should just take care of the next step.

You should feed your Curiosity to keep it on.

The more you let it be, the more you fill the puzzle, and the more you know about the journey, the more you feel vastness and fulfillment.

So, You need to feed your Curiosity not to deteriorate.

As Einstein put it, “Curiosity has its own reason for existence. One cannot help but be in awe when he contemplates the mysteries of eternity, of life, of the marvelous structure of reality. It is enough if one tries merely to comprehend a little of this mystery each day. Never lose a holy curiosity.”

How to feed your Curiosity: Say, I don’t know:

How to feed your Curiosity: Say, I don't know
How to feed your Curiosity: Say, I don’t know

Be comfortable with not knowing.

Be dare to say I don’t know when you don’t know to let the question stand up. 

A stand-up question sustains Curiosity.

A sustained Curiosity is super sensitive to find the answers even if you are not aware of it.

Being super sensitive to find the answers, activates the brain cells, cause the brain releases Dopamine which provides zest for life.

Zest for life makes questions stand up. 

Again a stand-up question sustains Curiosity.

In this way, you create an UPWARD GOING LOOP with a simple sentence, which is daring to say I DON’T KNOW.

The Synergic effect work here as well and lead you to explore more and more.

But when you fill the empty spaces with your knowns, you don’t empty the room to the unknown to come.

Then you deteriorate the flame of Curiosity.

You kill it.

How to feed your Curiosity: Be comfortable with unanswered questions to feed your Curiosity.

Unanswered questions make us feel uncertain.

Uncertainty is everywhere. You should embrace it.

The key is just to find the right questions.

Let your subconscious mind do the processing for you.

Let your subconscious mind always stay up to fill the empty spaces and feed your Curiosity.

In this way, you won’t be old if you always have unanswered questions and be comfortable with it.

What is your unanswered question at the moment?

If you don’t know, try to find it.

Those are your WHYs in your life.

  • Don’t overwhelm with finding the answers or solving the problems. Sometimes we are so engaged with finding the solutions that we forget the question.
  • Don’t forget your conscious mind can only process 40 bits of data per second, whereas your subconscious mind is 1 million times more powerful than the conscious mind in processing the data. 

Your conscious mind role is being alert to receive the results from the subconscious mind. 

“Instead of getting caught up in worrying about the future, you can explore life one moment at a time.”

None of us come to life with a full puzzle.

“Ironically, people would rather know that the next train is 15 minutes away than not know it’s only two minutes away. Yes, our brains are crazy like that.” Dr. Jud Brewer” As Dr. Jud Brewer, MD Ph.D.

 Dr. Jud Brewer, MD Ph.D.
Dr. Jud Brewer, MD Ph.D.

How to feed your Curiosity: Use YET and SO FAR:

Don’t forget to use SO FAR and YET: (Read the related blog HERE)

I found this answer SO FAR.

I believe this SO FAR.

I don’t know it YET.

I cannot do it, YET.

Using YET and SO FAR feed your Curiosity and activate your brain cells to work for you and provide zest for life. 

How to feed your Curiosity: Let’s fail:):

I mean, let’s embrace failures to feed your Curiosity.

What suppresses Curiosity the most is fear of failure.

Don’t forget that nobody can be perfect in the first step.

Or the first step can not be a perfect step for anyone.

You need to take the imperfect first steps to be able to make a significant step.

And remember, if you embrace imperfect first steps, you are going to feed your Curiosity to lead you to a significant step one day, then you will show others your professional step instead of those imperfect first steps.

But if you don’t take the first imperfect step, your great step will not come up.

Then failure doesn’t mean failure to you; you just care knowing more and more to fill more of your puzzle.

When you feed your Curiosity, you make your brain to be a seeker, observer, explorer for you and find the answers and fill the puzzle.

You would go beyond the surface of life when you feed your Curiosity; you would go beyond known.

And you would discover a new world that is invisible to the typical mind.

It takes a curious mind to find new and motivating ideas from a deeper level of life.

James Barron—Journalist: You know, inherently, what you need to know to describe a situation. To describe a helicopter that, apparently, was trying to land on top of a building because he couldn’t get back to the heliport. You know what you need to describe when it’s, maybe, the biggest story of our lifetime. It’s like building a house. You start with what you know, then you can add a little room here, or addition there as more material becomes available. That’s how … Or, in other words, as more material becomes available, that’s a not very good way of saying as you learn more, as you learn enough to be confident in what you’re saying.”

James Barron—Journalist
James Barron—Journalist

How to feed your Curiosity: make an empty room for getting the answers:

curious mind is like a constant explorer that should process the data every moment.

Then, you should make an empty room in your conscious mind to facilitate the connection the subconscious mind wants to make with the conscious mind when it wants to announce the results of its researches to the conscious mind.

That’s why busy minds cannot be creative because there is not enough space to get the results from the subconscious mind.

To make a free space in your mind, MEDITATE. Read My Blog about Meditation

Watch the video below about “The Power of Curiosity“.

Each one of us is an incompleted puzzle. 

The unfilled parts of the puzzle call us to fill it. 

Some of us suppress the sound is calling us, and some others feed our Curiosity and let it draw us to fill the puzzle.

Which one are you?

What are unfilled parts of your puzzle that draw you to fill it?

What is your unanswered question at the moment?

Find them and accept them as unanswered questions to feed your curiosity.



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