How to find your Wildest Life Passion?

How to find your wildest life passion?
How to find your wildest life passion?

How to find your passion?

Tima Mir
Tima Mir

I was searching to find my passion until my 30, my constant question in mind was: what is that really makes me happy, what is that work that is my wildest passion? What is my value to the world? What is my WHY in life? 

If these questions are what is popping in your mind constantly and made you a restless person or maybe a wanderer, this blog is resonated with you.

Where to search for your life passion?

I seriously believe that a man already knows what his passion is, but there are some reasons he/she is afraid of revealing it or doesn’t dare to unfold it because the brain recognized it as a threat for his/her survival at the first 6 or 7 years of your life when one of your family criticized you and the way you were expressing yourself.

Because before 7, when the brain is in download mood and gets its main programs to start living independently, you really were dependant on your family to be alive, and their rejection was a threat to your survival.

And because of that you live unconsciously, those programs still are working the same as your childhood in your brain, and it translates whatever related to your passion as a threat for your survival, even now that you are mature and independent, and ignorance from your family doesn’t reckon a threat anymore.

“Childhood is where passion goes to die.”

Childhood is where passion goes to die.
Childhood is where passion goes to die.

That’s why I think you should go beyond known; review whatever you got from your first years from your family to know are they aligned with your nature now or not. 

Your wildest life passion is beyond your knowns.

Otherwise, you are in an automatic mood, and your brain got programmed to ignore whatever can ignite your wildest passion because then it would make a threat.

take a while and do this exercise:

Look around your self and pay attention to whatever is blue, so, now close your eyes and remember whatever was blue around you.

Now that your eyes are closed, try to remember whatever was brown around you.

You would see that you cannot remember brown stuff around you simply because you didn’t pay attention to them.

Does it make sense?

In the same way, your brain can not remember whatever is related to your passion, because it translated it as a threat and automatically, from deep inside of you, your brain would avoid you from whatever makes you live your wildest life passion

Wildest life passion
Wildest life passion

And that process turns into a FEAR.

So, I want to draw your attention to the answer to these questions:

  • What doesn’t let you reveal your passion and find it and show it to others?
  • What threat do you think would chasing you if you introduce your passion to others? 

Then, you would see how your hidden wild passion was replaced by fears.

“We use fear to stay safe”__My Mentor

The importance of living your Life Passion:

What is your wildest passion?
What is your wildest passion?

“Recently, several studies concluded that positive mood in individuals is a strong predictor of physical health, and there is a significant correlation between positive mood and physical health (3538). Researchers stated that people with happiness experience a long life (39). People with happiness behave healthier (weight control and practice) than others (40). Moreover, people with happiness inhibited risky behaviors (37). Also, researches indicate that less salivary Cortisol is a good predictor of happiness.” Happiness & Health

It seems as far as we are away from our passion, and we don’t live the life we love, we live in stress and negative mood, and as long as we live in stress mood, it affects our health negatively.

I remember I read in Joe Dispenza‘s book (becoming supernatural) when he said that when you are in a threatening situation, your fight or flight response turns on, you got in a stressful mood, and it is useful for the body too.

The effects of this mood in the body would last about 2 minutes, but a human being is the only creature that can stay in that mood for more than 2 minutes, even years, because of imagination, which hurts your immune system and, therefore, your health.

Benefits of living your Wildest Life Passion:

So, living your passion in life is so critical. When you work around your wildest passion, the difficulty doesn’t mean difficulty anymore, and your brain continually releases Dopamin because of that your passion itself makes a strong purpose and attracts you toward it.

You unconsciously and automatically would chase a very motivating dream that is calling you from deep inside of you every day with little effort.

Wildest passion wake you up mornings, makes you continually excited that you don’t need outer excitement, also, it makes you a lover.

“Who would want to put up with the stuff if you don’t love it? And it’s sane. There is no reason not to follow your heart. Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions round out your own inner voice. Stay hungry, stay foolish.”__Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs

If you don’t find it, it will get unfamiliar with you by the time passes by, then it would detach from you, and you need to be an escaper all of your life. It seems you are swimming against the tide. Life would be so hard. 

Without finding the reason for your life(IKIGAI), you always feel something missing inside of you.

Also, living your wildest life passion makes your brain releases serotonin because then you are aligned with your inner motivator, and it boosts your creativity.

You are also playing your role, and you can imagine yourself at that role very better than other roles, you can play in your role more natural, effortless, with a sense of flow, and resilience. 

You can bear challenges and difficulties more because they are not a difficulty then. Then, you can get more results in the role that is aligned with your nature, and that causes you to get more respect from others; this causes your brain to release serotonin, which is a critical hormone for the brain and the body. 

This respectfully in your life causes you to feel safer, and you get what your brain needs to release oxytocin.

I read somewhere that researchers show about 90 percent of successful people live a life of their passion. (I’m not sure about the number, but I will correct it as soon as I found the source:).)

So, what I was trying to say in this blog was that it is more serious than you could even think of it, to find your passion and live a life you love, and you can make it clear, reveal it only if you face with your illusional fears you got from the first years of your life from whoever criticized you when you were expressing your passion

In the next blog, I would discuss more the sound of criticizers that are still whispering in your mind in the same way as your past.

That is because of that their sentences when they were criticizing your passion repeated over and over again when your brain was in a download mood. 

You behave with yourself the same as other people behaved with you in your childhood.

So, write who was kept telling you that you are not good when you were playing your role based on your nature when you were a child that made you hide your passion and be ashamed of it.

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Tima Mir

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