How to release Trapped Emotions?

How to release trapped emotions?
How to release trapped emotions?

What are trapped emotions?

Tima Mir
Tima Mir

Trapped emotions are like Stagnant water. They were created in your body for any reason one day in the past, and they were suppressed because you were afraid of them.

So, they couldn’t release from your body, and they stuck and created trapped emotions in a part of your body.

“We and everything else in the universe (including the barrier at King’s Cross) are really just an assemblage of atoms and atoms are almost entirely empty space. To be pedantic, they are 99.99999 percent empty space.” Source “If a hydrogen atom were the size of the earth, the proton at its center would be about 200 meters (600 feet) across.” Source

It means 99.99999 percent of everything is empty space, which is ENERGY and DATA. Emotions are energy too. Energy is like water and should be in a state of constant flow. If not so, they create trapped emotions.

Trapped emotions create negative and uncomfortable feelings. They don’t let you live in a flow state, enjoyment, freedom, satisfaction. Then, your mind starts to relate some part of reality to these negative feelings. Then you believe that there is an issue outside of you that you should solve it.

In this way, we begin suffering. But what I want to say is when you release your trapped emotions, your issues would change. 

My message:

Practice releasing your trapped emotions, without focusing on searching for the answers to your mind-made problems. In fact, those problems do not basically exist, let alone their answers. They are just in your head made by the electricity of neurotransmitters. So, don’t take them very seriously. Read More HEAR

Then they trapped in your body more and more. The more you escape from them, the more you suffer from them. FEELING YOUR FEELINGS, which is the base of what I do for my clients to release their trapped emotions.

How to release trapped emotions?
How to release trapped emotions?

Based on my experience, the more you feel your feeling, the more you release trapped emotions, the more you are free of them and have the opportunity to live with a peaceful mind.

So, instead of searching for solutions for your issues, release trapped emotions in your body that would change your issues.

As Oliver Cowlishaw said in the video below, your trapped emotions in your subconscious mind cause you to make decisions, and create your reality in a way to experience those trapped emotions again and again until you release them. WHY? Because they are energy and need to be in a flow state. They don’t leave your body until you release them, let them flow and let them go. Then you make room for new emotions and let elevated emotions come.

How I released my trapped emotion?

I had trapped emotions stuck in my heart a the time of my puberty, and I had a constant feeling of heartbroken. Read More About Me. I felt something is stuck in my heart that doesn’t let me be free and excited, even though I had done a lot to heal my mind.

Then, I could release my trapped emotions, which were as heartbroken feeling with breathwork, breathing very slowly and deep and feeling the air in my body. That helped my body get enough Oxigen to heal itself and let those trapped emotions release.

The Oxygen itself has a huge impact on releasing trapped emotions. Without releasing my trapped emotions, I couldn’t experience freedom and deep joy.

Ways to release your trapped emotions:

  • One way to release your trapped emotions is the move you see in the picture below. Share your experiences with this movement.:)
Away to release your trapped emotions.
Away to release your trapped emotions.
  • Watch the video below to know other ways to release your trapped emotions simply:



  • Check My Story to know how I got trapped emotions.
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Let your second nature go, let it flow, let your real nature come from the unknown with Go Beyond Known JOURNEY.

Put down stories in your head you have been carrying for too long.

Don’t sacrifice your interests to have a good life in the new Age anymore.

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