How to rewire your subconscious mind? -Part 2 – DREAMING IS LIKE DUMBLE for your brain cells.

How to rewire your subconscious mind?

How to rewire your subconscious mind?


As we said before, thought creates a neural pathway in the brain, or rewire the subconscious mind; the neural pathway is an electromagnetic signal which creates a frequency or a brainwave. So if you can drive your attention wherever you desire, then you can change your brainwaves to what frequency you want, then your frequency turns the resonated energy into the matter at the quantum level. 

Then you can create your life by rewiring your subconscious mind using attention muscle.

In the present moment, there are all the frequencies.

What you want already exists at the quantum level, and it needs ATTENTION to turn into matter.

The processes that energy goes through to be a matter which calls the collapse is the process that our brain goes through to create a resonated neural pathway, and that happens automatically and through the laws of nature. We don’t have any control over the process. 

You’re overthinking about your desires, your worries, your fears, your sad thoughts, your too much effort, none of them can do anything.

The only thing that is helpful in this energy to matter process for your desire is driving your attention to thought resonated with your passion. BUT…

But that’s not that easy, because as we said before, you have automatic thought patterns or programs in your subconscious mind out of your control.

That’s why you need to learn how to rewire your brain.

Therefore, thought can turn into a reality.

“Thoughts are either part of the material world, patterns of electricity generated by the neurons in our brain.”

Based on quantum physics, energy turns into a particle(matter) via collapse phenomenon when you observe the energy.

“To find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.” Nikola Tesla.


So we can create a new neural pathway in the brain by creating a new subconscious program in the mind or rewire the subconscious mind.

How can DREAMING rewire your subconscious mind?

How to rewire your subconscious mind?
How to rewire your subconscious mind?

What does DREAMING?

How can you create a new program in a subconscious mind or rewire your subconscious mind via dreaming?

You can use dreaming to create a new neural pathway or rewire your subconscious mind.

As old habits die hard, creating any new pattern or new neural pathway need CONSISTENCY.

When you start DREAMING, actually you are creating a new habit in your mind, then you experience these self-defeating self-talk:

  • Can I do that?
  • I’m not deserved for that.
  • How could it be possible for me?
  • Oh, maybe that person can be in that dream, but I cannot imagine myself in that dream.  
  • Do you really think you can be that person who has any value for anybody? Oh, come on, that’s a long shot.
  • How could it be? It’s impossible. You are far away from that experience. How can you take all of these steps?
  • Come on! Look at your family, look at your history, nobody in your family has done it before, how can you do that?

NOW, I just want to tell you, these thoughts exist in your mind JUST because of the physics law, which is that electricity flows in neural pathways with less resistance. 

It means your electricity cannot flow in the neural pathway resonated with your dream because there are so many other neural pathways with less resistance in your brain.

In fact, there is not a neural pathway for that experience in your brain, and you should teach your brain how to create it or how to rewire itself via CONSISTENT DREAMING.

Actually, you build a part of that neural pathway each day during 90 DAY REWIRING YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND. You need to do it every day without fail for 90 days to create a new program.

Then after your 90 DAY REWIRING JOURNEY without fail, you see your self-defeating thoughts are starting to turn into self-supporting thoughts after days or weeks. Also, read this blog to know Imperative facts about subconscious mind: 9 Facts You Should Know About Subconscious Mind.

It means you managed to make a resonated neural pathway with your dream, or you could be able to rewire your subconscious mind.

Then these self-supporting thoughts appear as confidence, faith, merit, and so on, and these thoughts and feelings, which are new programs in the subconscious mind, take a role in energy to matter process and you rewired your subconscious mind.

In other words, the subconscious mind creates the reality out of new programs instead of your past self-defeating programs.

So as you see, what your previous self-defeating thoughts were manifesting was not real, and you don’t have to carry them in your mind anymore. 


You are going beyond the known.

You can follow your curiosity.

What I’m saying is, your thoughts have indirect messages, and tell you about what is happening in your brain, or what programs are in your subconscious mind, not anything else. They are just a clue of an issue in the mind and brain.


And I’m going to help you to believe it sincerely.

In other words, as we mentioned in the second blog, there are not any real problems out there. Don’t forget what you want already exists.

Your mind is the creator of most of your problems. So when you live to solve your problems, it means you accept your fake issues at the first level, then you are searching for a solution for your theoretical issues, which is silly. (to read more about it click here)

But there is a third option; you can dig into the root cause of all your suffering.

DREAMING IS LIKE DUMBLE in the process of rewiring your subconscious mind:

So you should be aware of that negative thought during dreaming are some programs you got from your surroundings and they are NOT real, and they would change with CONSISTENT DREAMING.


Recognize your self-defeating subconscious programs to rewire your subconscious mind

We said before, recognizing your subconscious programs is the BASIC STEP.

Actually, you recognize your self-defeating subconscious programs during dreaming.

Like this:

During dreaming, most probably, some self-defeating thoughts pop up in your mind.

To do list:

  1. Write what you are good at, your abilities, talents in a list of 15 to 20 things every morning. It helps you to rewire your subconscious mind and create the frequency of success every day. There are no differences between a small or a big success; the frequency of success is the same.
  2. Write about 5 to 10 minutes what you choose if the universe were a shop included everything and you should have selected your passions every day. 
  3. Don’t take your self defeating thoughts seriously during dreaming and be aware that they are just because of the physic law, which is electricity flows in a way with less resistance, and there is no neural pathway for your dream in your brain YET.
  4. Just write those self-defeating thoughts pop up during your dreaming, then you would be detached from them as time passes by. You can jut them down on the other side of your notebook and let them go.

In this step, if you can find the whole structure of your thought pattern that would help you to detach from your past thinking structure or you can rewire your subconscious mind properly.

Because we subconsciously made those thought patterns based on our surroundings and family. 

So in this process, I would help you go deep down into your subconscious mind and find those thought structures that you genuinely believe them, then destruct them and create new patterns that support you into a journey of your passions.

What you should do is just send me an email or on other contact ways, I mentioned bellow and tell me more about yourself and your problem. You can know more about me here

This is my passion to help you to have a mind in harmony.šŸ™‚

WE HAVE BEEN LIED TO, WAKE UP. Learn How To Live, Work, Earn Money In The FLOW With Life.

I wish you wake yourself up from your programming, REWIRE YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND, be free of the mental slavery, live in the real world, and UNFOLD YOUR JOURNEY.



Let your second nature go, let it flow, let your real nature come from the unknown with Go Beyond Known JOURNEY.

Put down stories in your head you have been carrying for too long.

Don’t sacrifice your interests to have a good life in the new Age anymore.

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