How to stop emotional overeating?

How to Stop Emotional Overeating

What causes emotional Overeating:

Tima Mir
Tima Mir

Emotional Overeating is when you are craving to eat while your body doesn’t need it.

It means your mind and your body work separately and don’t have a connection with each other.

In other words, your mind cannot receive messages from your body because it is obsessed with thinking and paying attention to the thoughts and translating the reality in a suffering way based on the thought patterns. 

It means, most of the time, your attention is somewhere other than your body and is creating another world other than reality. Read More on this blog: the root cause of your suffering.

Why is the cause of emotional Overeating fake?

Whatever your thoughts patterns are, your brain is translating reality into a threat to your survival, which is fake.

I learned this from my mentor in S.F.M. that blew my mind that “everything in life is temporary, so, as much as your pain is real, it is temporary.”

It reminded me of THE BEAUTIFUL MIND movie. 

When the main character, mathematician John Nash, had an epiphany that caused him to accept his Schizophrenia disease, when he noticed that one of his illusional friends who were a child girl, still had stayed a child without growth for years.

Then he realized that those characters couldn’t be real and confessed to his disease.

If you are struggling with a repetitive issue, be sure that is fake, and something fake is running you and hypnotize you as the reality, and there is a threat out there, so cause you to stay in a defensive mood and turn on the stress mood which causes emotional Overeating to escape from it.

Eating is one of the easiest ways that we can take refugees in from our suffering. Also, we have been taught to eat chocolate or sweet stuff when we were crying or had any pain when we were children.

Maybe that’s why you choose Overeating to escape from your suffering.

How to stop emotional Overeating:

Also, this brain’s translation processing that is the Habit Loop occurs so fast, because it has done it over and over again, that you don’t have power over it to change it, even though you know that your habit is defeating you.


How to stop Emotional Overeating
How to stop Emotional Overeating

I love this quate from ― Viktor E. Frankl:

“Between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”

So, if we could reduce the habit loop’s speed, we can reach out to that SPACE to choose a response to supports us not to defeat us.

So, whatever I share in this blog to stop emotional Overeating is to widen that space between the stimulus and response. 

Also, it can change your brain’s chemistry and cause the brain to change reality’s translation.

Why should you do daily self-care practices to stop emotional Overeating?

Self care for stopping Emotional Overeating
Self care for stopping Emotional Overeating

I use this metaphor to explain the importance of daily self-care practices for breaking through any kind of mental issue.

Imagine you are going to take part in a competition.

Normally, you practice before the competition date to strengthen your abilities. 

You never would take part in a competition without taking any pieces of training or practice, or you never would be shocked when you are in front of your opponent, and you lose the score when you haven’t done anything to boost and strengthen your abilities.

If your attitude is figuring out what techniques you should do to win your opponent in the middle of your match, definitely you should be looser. 

So, I don’t want to give you techniques that you would use when you found yourself doing habitual behaviors or Overeating

Instead, I want to give you some daily self-care exercises to change your frequency and energy level from a stressful mood to a peaceful one. 

Then, you alleviate emptiness or emotionally stuck, therefore urge to escape from that to Overeating

In other words, self-care practices cause you to increase happy chemicals and decrease stress levels overall in your life, which would help your Overeating.

Daily self-care practices to stop emotional Overeating:

  • Find out what that translation is; how does your mind interpreting the reality?

Just take some time to journalize it and figure out what do you feel about that issue.

Being aware of these self-defeating thought patterns and interpreting the reality would elevate your awareness about it being fake, and you are suffering from an illusion draw you to do something for it and wake yourself up.

I like this metaphor from Krishna Murti when he said, when you don’t know that you are at the edge of a Precipice, you won’t do anything for it, but if you observe yourself standing at the edge of Precipice, you definitely will do something to get out of that threat.

Then you cannot procrastinate.

In other words, if you become aware of what you are doing against yourself, you cannot obey your mind anymore. Or at least you won’t be passive.

So, awareness is the key. If you know all techniques about stopping emotional Overeating, if you don’t have the willpower to do it or follow it, you wouldn’t be consistent with it and won’t get any result from those excellent techniques.

  • daily visualization:

With visualization or dreaming that I explained in the blog How to Rewire Your Brain, you are changing your brain’s structure and chemistry, and you are consciously teaching your brain to behave in a way that supports you instead of defeating you. In fact, you are practicing before the competition, which here is emotional Overeating.

  • Daily Meditation:

In this blog, Why You Should Meditate, I explained meditation could break the thinking-feeling- behavior loop and create a space between the stimulus and response. Then, you have more power over your habit to change it and choose your response through your consciousness.

  • Daily exercising:

I mentioned in Why Is A Healthy Lifestyle Important and The Importance of Morning Routine how daily exercising can boost your productivity.

Also, I wrote in Meet Your Happy Chemicals that daily exercising makes your brain releases Endorphin and decreases Stress Hormone and changes your brain’s chemistry and changes your mood as time passes. Then gradually, you would reduce stress levels. 

Therefore there is no need to escape from it with Overeating.

  • Breathing exercises:

Breathing techniques and Wim Hof Method, was one of the life-changing topics for me again I was again inspired by D Brannick, one of the inspiring guys came on my way in aright time (D Brannick’s youtube channel).

  • journalizing:

Write down your emotions every day for 10 minutes to dump your brain to settle the dust in your mind to recognize the situation clearer and behave through your consciousness to support you not to defeat you.

  • Mindfulness R.A.I.N. method with Judson Brewer:

This method is amazing that I use whenever I experience a bad feeling.

The key is feeling your feeling. I could help myself and some others with this method.

  • Cut habit loop:

And now, when you do these exercises for a while, you can try to cut the habit loop of negative mood-Overeating-temporary reward-blaming(intensify negative mood)- Overeating and so on with five conscious breathing.

Whenever you find yourself, you are in the habit loop with five deep and slow breathing. Also, you are widening the space between stimulus and response.

Then your mood would change immediately, and you find your power to choose your response consciously.

  • Every night, create two lists:

Write failures and successes.

Whatever was aligned with your dreaming and support you is under the success raw, and whatever self-defeating behaviors you have done throughout the day is under the failure list.

For each success, simply tell your subconscious mind that it is a success, and you want more of it.

For each failure, simply tell your subconscious mind that it is a failure, and you don’t want more of it.

This is a powerful way of REPROGRAMMING that I read in Stuart Lichtman’s book: how to get lots of money for anything fast.

You should just focus on daily successes. Just focus on today, because without being on track every day, you won’t achieve any results. So, every day is so important.

“Don’t underestimate the power of each day.”

Daily micro-commitments is the key to stop any habits, also, Emotional Overeating.

What is your experience with Emotional Overeating?



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