Importance of morning routine. The state of mind can help you work less, earn more.

How I got familiar with the morning routine:

Importance of Morning Routine With Tima
Importance of Morning Routine With Tima

I remember, before I start my online business and my morning routine, things were going well to me, but the only thing that made me feel not good, was that I didn’t wake up in a good mood, although, seemingly there weren’t any issues in my life.

“How you start your day and how you end your day, is everything, whether you are in quarantine or not.” Dr. Karuna

I really wanted to wake up in a fresh feeling.

When I started my digital journey, the first steps of the training was about morning ritual; this blew my mind that morning routine was more important than technical stuff.

I had heard a lot about sharpening the ax, productivity, but just as a beautiful meaning words.

That was the first time I experienced the effect of productivity tangibly.

I experienced how the quality of my sleep affects my mind and productivity, and I would spend less time on my work in a flow state of mind when I slept well and soon last night and vice versa.

The best quality of sleeping in my opinion
The best quality of sleeping in my opinion

It helped me to detach from the old idea of working hard and binge working.

Because I experienced how creativity and good ideas pop up my mind when I’m fresh and had slept well and soon, therefore, how fast and easy, I would do my work.

I got familiar with the QUALITY OF LIFE that most of us miss it easily these days. I changed turned my focus from results to process. That was one of those secrets in life.

Before I got used to a morning routine, every day, I was tempted to do based on my old self-beliefs and leave my morning routine to start my work sooner and spend more time on it, to get results sooner. 

But then, I remembered the importance of mental state, productivity, and morning routine.

Also, I didn’t want to lose my right state of mind.

But now I’m not even tempted by my old beliefs.

I cannot imagine how I was living before I start my days with my morning routine.

The most strange thing to me when it came to morning routine was drinking water, I had heard of it before, but it was so impressive that was the first thing I should care about to grow my business. 

Importance of  Morning routine
Importance of Morning routine

Seemingly These are irrelated to each other. 

I felt I’m in the right way. Because I always was looking for SIMPLICITY.

It has been about a year I start my days with my morning routines due to what my mentor Stuart Ross said, and I experience every morning in an inspiring mood.

I love morning routines. Because it helps me to break the loop, all of us are living there.

I could eventually get rid of that lousy morning mood I had even in a good situation in my life.

Now, I'm a big fan of the morning routine
Now, I’m a big fan of the morning routine.

Now, I’m a big fan of the morning routine.:)

it helps me to start my day at a high level of energy that sometimes I cannot bear that level of excitement.

Why how you wake up and your morning routine is so important:

When a thought comes to the mind, it creates a feeling, and that feeling creates a behavior, and that behavior creates a thought. Again the thought creates a feeling and so on.

This is a thinking-feeling loop, as Joe Dispenza said, and we usually live in that.

The mind needs a clue to choose the thinking-feeling loop for that day and continue its journey in that loop. 

As we said in the previous blog, it would trap in that loop.

In other words, it traps in the known world, which is from the past.

Also, thinking-feeling loops are mostly negative.

They are based on the reaction of the brain to the first encountering of new experience, which was taken by the chance(I mentioned in the previous blog).

Until that, you break the loop with new data, which you can do with the morning routine.

When your waking up is the start of a new day for you, it does not start on a new day for your mind. Mornings are the continuation of the mind’s journey from the last night. That’s why your morning mood comes before you do anything and mostly manage your day based on that mood.

Mornings are start of a day for you, but for your mind, it is the continuation of the last night.
Mornings are start of a day for you, but for your mind, it is the continuation of the last night.

So, during your sleeping, your brain is still working, exploring and chattering, and eliminating some redundant data.

Through this chattering journey on sleeping, the mind meets some points, feelings, memories, experiences, expectations, predictions, worries, fears, regrets, dreams.

Your brain travels among those data, and suddenly you wake up. Nobody can predict which mood your brain would wake you up in.

But to some extent, it is related to your last night mood, that’s why you should have night routine too to be your best version and have a productive day.

The mind journey is random, so you wake up in a part of this journey your brain had been passed through last night.

And your morning would be the continuation of the mind’s journey until night, again the next night’s sleep would be the continuation of that journey during the day.

Wake your SELF up from the real sleep with morning routine:

UNTIL THAT, you cut that loop, you wake yourself up, get out of that loop, go beyond known, and don’t let the mind to choose the way it should go on.

But instead, you choose the way your mind travel.

You should let yourself to get access to other parts of your brain potential, not that just live and perform from your known world.

Because the mind is working for you, not that the mind consumes you to travel wherever it wants.

Who knows how many days or months your mind would continue to its journey on that loop if you don’t wake yourself up from that journey, or don’t go beyond known.

It seems we are in two levels of sleeping; therefore, you have two levels of waking up. 

One of them is when you wake up in the mornings, another one is when you get up from the journey your mind choose from the last nights and days.

So what if you are not aware of that you are still slept or trapped in a loop, even though you wake up in the morning, what if you let your mind take you to its journey because you don’t even know you are in the thinking-feeling loop?

Now, it comes to morning routine:

Importance of morning routine
Importance of morning routine

“The day belongs to those who get up early! “

The whole idea of a morning routine is to get out of that thinking-feeling loop, to wake yourself up from the second sleep you live in.

A morning routine is to make you to be on top all day, to be more productive and healthier and more energized during the day and all life to be able to be the driver of your mind’s journey.

Do you wake yourself up from the real sleep every morning? Or you are still slept?

Read my next blog to know about Best Morning Ritual.

I wish you wake yourself up from the second sleep I mentioned above, get used to your morning routine, start your days energetic in new way and UNFOLD YOUR JOURNEY.

Where I Learned Morning Routine And Cutting Edge Of Self Development With Digital Skills That Create Success Automatically.



Let your second nature go, let it flow, let your real nature come from the unknown with Go Beyond Known JOURNEY.

Put down stories in your head you have been carrying for too long.

Don’t sacrifice your interests to have a good life in the new Age anymore.

Can’t wait to read your comments.:)

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