Lessons I learned from Digital World:

I learned a lot from the Digital World. I couldn’t feel fulfillment if I didn’t make my decision to step into the unknown.

• I remember Stuart was talking about creating a balance between your NOW and future dreams when I entered the digital world.

That is an excellent point that blew away my mind. I should be happy in my present moment while I dream about my desires. I should not trade the present moment for my future dreams. That changed everything to me.

I should be happy in the present moment too, because what you want already exists. It means you are already successful and deserved, and that is not conditioned to your future or any other accomplishments.

• That was one of my turning points when I should write my story of life for my “About Me” page when I wanted to introduce myself to the digital world. That was unbelievable; I should let all people read my story, what I was hiding the whole of my life. 

I asked some of my friends, my family, some of my masters in university to read it.

I felt as if I was revealing something that I spent all of my life in fear of being expressed.

I intentionally revealed it, revealed my weak points, my fears, my mental conflict.

When I revealed the story to my family, they were shocked how they could it be that they were not aware of my problem at all.

But the reality was that I did not know what happened to me at that time to let others know.

Then it turned into an excellent relationship between my parents and me.

I had not expected these changes when I started my Digital journey.

  • When Justin Woolf, one of my greatest mentors in this Academy, was speaking about Brain Illusion, and what we experience as our reality is based on a misconception of the brain, It blew my mind that this is a deep training about how a human mind works, what I wanted to learn all of my life.

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Follow your curiosity, come out of your box. Go beyond known, Let it go, let it flow, let it come. I can’t wait to read your sharing. I can’t wait to hear about your CRAZINESS:).

By Tima

Kind regards

Tima Mir