Live a life you love; Live around your passion

Live a life you love: Tima Mir
Live a life you love: Tima Mir

Why you sacrifice a life you love:

Tima Mir
Tima Mir

Watch this Vlog that is a summary of this blog post to share some of my insights about living a life you love:

The society has its own laws which are different from nature’s laws. Living in society, we learned to follow society’s laws and sacrifice a life we love. Society’s law creates a culture that supports the Industry’s survival, which cannot stop.

That’s why an imaginary competition was created in societies to motivate people to compete with each other to get a higher social level that helps Industry’s survival and needs. That’s why Culture was created. A culture manipulates people’s needs and desires to make them aligned with society’s demands to survive.

It establishes the subconscious programs mask as the second nature that leads you in life instead of your real nature leading you. We get brainwashed by information overload not to live a life we love, not let the deepest part of a person show up, which includes your wildest desires and passion.

That’s why escapism is created. There are lots of escapisms out there to hide an individual’s nature in the new age.

But this deepest part of you is so powerful and cannot be ignored. It is like there are emotions behind locked doors waiting to be met. As you grow, they grow in silence with you too. Then you need more power to suppress them.

Then, we feel we are swimming opposite the tide when we sacrifice a life we love, and it needs putting so much effort into being an escaper all the time, trying to convince yourself with escapisms and fake motivations all the time.

In fact, you are trading your real nature, profound constant wildest motivator, and a flow state to get a mask of a fake smile, fake satisfaction, and ego to be accepted based on society’s laws.

But, for some of you, life would be so hard to live in this way and sacrifice your real nature and the life you love.

For those of you who feel something missed in life, who cannot convince yourself to like your life and living, who don’t want to mask as a satisfied person, and who is tired of telling a lie to yourself that this is a life you love, who is tired of sacrificing a life you love, I’m gonna share some of my insights to help you to live a life you love because I come from that point too.

Self-criticism: what stops you to live a life you love

If this is your constant thoughts: what is that I am so passionate about? What can make me forget the time? How do I live a life I love? Or maybe deep down you know what you are passionate about, but you don’t dare to reveal it and live around it, or you are struggling with a self-criticizer voice in your head, this blog post is for you.

My whole story revolves around self-criticism. I have a brother older than me who created a very strong criticizing program in my subconscious mind and caused me to have self-assertion issues since my childhood.

After all of my effort to reprogram my subconscious mind and therapy, I felt I had been lied to.

Read about “How to reprogram your subconscious mind” here

That was a WAKE-UP CALL for me to understand that my surroundings had been deceiving me for too long. Then I was so curious to reveal my real nature, buried all of my life, and slept to LIVE A LIFE I LOVE

I changed my name to get rid of humiliation feelings associated with my name:

I felt I am not the same person as before; I changed my name from Fatemeh to Tima, because I didn’t feel any connection with Fatemeh anymore. Fateme, who was always criticized and was afraid of being revealed, felt always humiliation by her thoughts and repeated that criticizing voice in her head constantly.

I wanted to get rid of all humiliation feelings were associated with Fateme and changed my name to TIMA. That helped me to be free of my past ego.

Maybe deep down, you know what you love and passionate about, but you cannot stop this criticizer sound in your head. 

Now you behave with yourself how other people behaved with you in your childhood.

When I say childhood, I mean before the age of 6 or 7 when your brain is in a download mode and gets its main subconscious programs. When the brain gets the minimum plans, it needs for life. With those main programs, your brain goes on Autopilot for the rest of life until you go to a psychoanalyst and review your programs, which are your schemas, and reprogram them.

So, most of us, 95 percent of our life we live unconsciously. Read more in this blog post.

If you criticize yourself, it seems you had a criticizer at your childhood, and now you continue that person’s role in your life unconsciously. 

That is so impressive how we hurt ourselves.

Find the main criticizer in your life:

Who was your criticizer in your childhood? Whose sound would be playing in your head when you imagine yourself doing what you love and passionate? Whose sound is repeating in your head most of the time when you want to assert yourself? Who criticized you whenever you wanted to express your real nature, your unique style, your x-factor in your childhood? 

Your main criticizers programmed you that you are carrying flaws inside of you.

And you always should be careful about those flaws. You learned that your unique style is a threat to your survival, and you always should be ashamed of it. You learned to be ashamed of your existence, your being, and then try to avoid being close to people and don’t make a close relationship lest they understand your flaws.

You maybe are a good comparator who always compares him/herself with others. You never would be satisfied with yourself and what you are doing, because you are programmed to criticize yourself even when you are good to go. With the least mistake, you fall in the criticizing trap and throw all of your identity into question and would be mad at yourself.

Because of that, you are mistaught that you should be without flaws and failure to be worthwhile, plus your flaws are very shameful.

The truth is you have been lied to.

The truth is you have been lied to that you have basically a flaw inside of you that you should be worried about it, and you have the right to be criticized. Also, you should always protect your flaw from being revealed to others.

Most of your life, you live in the illusion of having some flaws and being careful about showing up.

I want you to wake up. I want you to wake yourself up from this illusion.

You should be aware that those self-criticism sound in your head is just a memory of your childhood, just dynamic electromagnetic energy and just exists in your head. 

You should be aware that you have the right to live what you love and passion. You have the right to assert your own unique style without any worries and fear of being criticized.

You should make a safe situation for your SELF. You should make yourself sure that you are not in a threat if you express yourself and what you love. You should let your brain knows that those feeling of being in a threat mood whenever you want to express yourself was an illusion from your childhood, and now nobody is here to criticize you, just you and your SELF.

Let your SELF know you want to hear from deep inside of you, whatever it is, your real nature.

When you create this moment for your SELF, be honest with yourself, and reveal whatever is inside of you without any judgment and criticism.

Do it for a couple of hours for several days as long as you feel your inner part (unconscious mind) is communicating with your conscious part and bring peace to you. 

Then you gradually feel the harmony, state of flow because you are aligned with your nature.

What you should do is be aware of that when your subconscious programs activate and detect your feelings related to your past memories, past situations where your survival was dependant on your family’s acceptance, and you had to be careful about what they criticized you.

But the most imperative point is that now you grew and you have the power to leave your familly and still be alive and more than that live a life you love without being afraid of being criticized.

Take care of your SELF from criticizers. You are the average of 5 people around you. Avoid communicating with criticizers. Then, find five people who respect what you love and your unique style. 

Try to deprogram and reprogram your subconscious mind with DREAMING.

Start dreaming 5 minutes a day and help those cells of your brain related to your dreams that have been inactive before because of self-criticism, and let them be active to help you find out more about your passion and the life you love.

You don’t need to sacrifice your passions to be accepted from the society.

You can find so many people through the internet when you reveal the real nature and find your resonated tribe that loves your unique style. You will want to find them and share your insights with them and speak about what you love with who loves you. You don’t need to worry about being accepted and supported. 

Instead of being criticized for what you are, you can be honer what you are and live a life you truly love.

Watch these 7 free videos helped me to reveal my real nature, find my resonated tribe, feel a safe place to be supported instead of being criticized, work around what I am passionate about and live a life I love. Wow…



Let your second nature go, let it flow, let your real nature come from the unknown with Go Beyond Known JOURNEY.

Put down stories in your head you have been carrying for too long.

Don’t sacrifice your interests to have a good life in the new Age anymore.

Can’t wait to read your comments.:)

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