Meet your happy chemicals

How the three million-year-old brain releases happy chemicals:

Tima Mir

When I came across Loretta G. Breuning, Ph.D. work about to meet your happy chemicals, it blew my mind, and I decided to write a blog about it.

Each person is like a complicated automatic system. 

In any situation, the brain process all data in a short time from million-year-old genes and experiences through life.

The reaction to that situation is based on the result of the process.

If the result is good for survival, the brain meets happy chemicals and behaves in a resonated way.

But if it is a threat to survival, it releases chemicals like Cortisol that cause bad feelings to avoid the danger.

Also, the brain gets the main data from the age before seven years old and the time of puberty.

The first time that you experience in those years, your brain reacts in a way by accident, and that makes your brain electricity to channelize in a specific pathway.

That causes you to trap in that channel all of your life until your brain learns a new way. 

Loretta Graziano Breuning
Loretta Graziano Breuning 

Loretta Graziano Breuning is founder of the Inner Mammal Institute, which helps people manage the ups and downs of their mammal brain.

The way my brain meets (happy) chemicals:

Like when I had those self-defeating thoughts at my puberty, one day, my brain processed data in a way that I could not answer my teacher question in the class because of palpitation.

By chance, my brain detected speaking as a threat at that moment.

So, speaking became the main struggling in my life.

Then I got trapped in my brain recognition of that moment. 

Although that situation was over, I carried that information in my brain to avoid the threatening situation. Read About Me

Until that, I waked myself up and taught to my brain that is not a threatening situation and get out of the trap.

“In many people, the Unconscious confuses rejection with a threat to survival. This was learned infancy when rejection by the mother could very well be a threat to survival.” Stuart Lichtman-(Author of How to get lots of money for anything fast)

What was your brain misunderstood from your childhood, that your brain is carrying those wrong data so far?

But the good news is that we can teach our brain to change the definitions or to rewire your subconscious mind.

How your brain trapped, meeting happy chemicals in a specific way:

So, in the same way, your brain recognizes good things for its survival from your childhood and releases happy chemicals based on them.

So if you have habits that do not serve you anymore, maybe your brain was rewarded when you were a child.

For example, if when you attracted people’s attention could raise your chances of survival when you were a child, now you want more of it to meet your happy chemicals because your brain doesn’t know other ways to release them. Even if your survival is not dependant on people’s attention anymore.

Then when you don’t have that attention, you would recognize it as a threat to survival, and your brain releases bad feeling chemicals.

What I learned from happy chemicals:
Meet your Happy chemicals
Loretta Breuning, Author of "Meet your happy chemicals"
Meet your Happy chemicals
Loretta Breuning, author of “Meet your happy chemicals”

So the first thing that I learned from this topic which could alleviate self-defeating thoughts and feelings was that 

I realized what I always heard ” you shouldn’t look for good feelings like happiness, joyous, peace, fulfillment … outside of you. 

I’ve heard a lot that you should find joy inside of you. 

Based on my mental problem at puberty, I was always searching for happiness, joy, freedom outside of me.

But deep down, I felt those negative feelings inside of me, and I knew that the problem is still there; however, I had done whatever I thought would make me happy.

I realized why I was not good even in a perfect situation because my brain couldn’t release happy chemicals well.

Because of that, we perceive good feelings via happy chemicals. 

So, you need your brain releases happy chemicals to feel good feeling even in a very amazing outer situation.

Then It shook the whole meaning of joyous to me.

The good feeling was not because of the things you possess; your brain could release happy chemicals even in a not good situation.

Then I realized I could also feel joyous by looking at a beautiful color. Good feelings are not far away from us. They are inside of us. Whenever you let it flow.

I got familiar with my brain and realized how it works.

I realized your feeling in every moment, is based on your brain’s hormones structure.

Whatever shape our neural structure gets, we feel that moment aligned with that shape.

My wake up call with happy chemicals:

That was a great epiphany for me when I realized that all of those meanings that I dedicated to that moment, whatever they were, do not exist, those are just a form of electricity in my mind. 

And when I realized that those feelings in my head, those conversations were always playing in my head, weren’t real, I waked up.

I was so curious to go beyond known, go beyond that familiar brain structure.

I was a hunger for the other shapes of neural pathways in my brain.

I realized why I like laughing or even crying. 

Because it releases endorphin and make my mind free of thoughts for a moment, why sometimes I am jealous of a person, because I need oxytocin and not that I am a terrible person.

I realized why sometimes I try hard to attract other’s attention because my brain had learned to release serotonin in this way when I was a child.

I found why sometimes I need physical contact with a person to feel trust, safety because my brain had been taught to releases oxytocin in this way.

Why sometimes I am angry, because it detected a threat to survive based on past experiences, even if that is not threatening anymore.

That’s because my brain doesn’t release happy chemicals well at this moment, not that I am a bad person or life is not congruent with me, or my life is shitty.

Then these understandings helped me to let my repetitive thoughts and my known world go more comfortable and go beyond known. Because I realized that those meanings are not real, those are based on my brain structure, and if I could change that structure, I could change those meanings too.

Take Action:

So I decided to wake myself up whenever I caught myself I’m THINKING of definitions, then I drew my attention to my five senses because they do not have any meanings. 

Therefore they won’t let my brain get repetitive structures and break my addiction to my known world.

Also, when I drew my attention to my five senses, that would let my mind get rest, be more productive.

This could open the doors of creativity and unknown because I let my subconscious mind do the processing based on all potentials, not just using a small part of data in my known world, and I let it flow.

Then the whole meaning of life changed to me.

Happy chemicals and bad feelings:

I learned that “I should not run from my bad feelings; if I run from them, I should always be running.” I love this sentence from Loretta G.Breunings.

Because they are to alert me to survival threats. You cannot delete them. They exist for your benefit, so always being on guard is a useless attempt.

I learned to let them flow and say hello to all of my bad feelings, not to conflict anymore. 

Also, I remember I heard from John Keho(John Kehoe, best-selling author of Mind Power Into the 21st Century and Quantum Warrior: The Future of the Mind) that any kind of reaction to bad feelings could make them have power over us.

John Kehoe
John Kehoe

So, I found the best way to change the bad mood is by accepting them and let them flow, let them do their job, and go. Then happy chemicals would be released, because you let them free, and nothing in the world stay without any changes, so nor bad feelings.

I learned to live with them instead of running from them.

“But itʼ s never “easy.” Happy chemicals were not meant to surge all the time. They turn off when their job is done, so theyʼre ready to alert you to the next good thing.” Loretta G.Breunings

My brain needs all of the happy chemicals, and I can teach my brain to release all of them in a new and useful way, as Loretta G.Breunings said, in 45 days without any fail. Also, it is hard. Read more about Happy chemicals from Loretta G.Breunings

How my brain releases Happy chemicals:

I realized why I love adventures and challenges because, in that way, I made a new expectation of getting a new achievement.

Also, I realized why I love the moments before I get a good thing, the moments when you are waiting for food on a restaurant, the moments before first love kiss, the moments before meeting a new person. 

Because the brain releases dopamine when it expects or close to a reward.

Also, when you send a post through social media and are waiting for good comments, your brain releases dopamine, 

And when you get positive feedback on social media, your brain releases serotonin.

Happy chemicals in my online business:

Also, when I started my online business, there were a lot of new topics, new words, new things to do, and those all were challenges for me, although with a great feeling of resistances before I get the hands of them. 

I felt rush of Dopamine when I passed through each of those unfamiliar steps, after a while, my brain learned that all kind of hardship is just a definition in my mind, and the hardest thing today would be so easy tomorrow. 

It helped me not to pay attention to my mind definition of situations anymore.

Now my brain releases dopamine more with less bad feeling of resistance.

I was curious to see what new things would happen that are beyond my known.

“Dopamine is the good feeling you get when you approach a reward. Serotonin is the good feeling of getting respect. Oxytocin is the feeling of trust, and endorphin is the euphoria that masks physical pain.”

How did your brain learn to meet happy chemicals?

Are they in a way to serve you? Or they activate automatically and don’t serve you anymore?

I wish you wake yourself up from your programmings and be free of the mind slavery and live in the real world and UNFOLD YOUR JOURNEY.

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