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Welcome to my Website

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Welcome to my website where I share my insights about living in a flow state with a harmonious mind.
When I turned my 13th I got into severe trouble with my mind. I’ve got a long way to be at peace of mind. Then, it became my PASSION to help others to use their mind in a way to play harmoniously in their head, not chaotic. I created this website to share what I learned on my unfolding journey through my blogs. Also, I never stop learning. Read More

My Vision

My vision is to help you to wake yourself up in a new world, don’t be deceived by your known world anymore, push your box, GO BEYOND KNOWN, Leave your second nature and discover your real nature, and feel life as a piece of harmonious music, in a FLOW STATE.


I studied the Master of Sustainable Architecture. But then, I realized I didn’t like to design sustainable buildings, but I was interested to build a Sustainable Mind. So, My biggest issue became working and earn money around my passion, and then, I started to follow my killer desire through digital opportunity and my website without being needed to go to university again. The interesting part of it was that I found a Digital Academy that taught me both digital skills from scratch through a Sustainable and Harmonious mind while it could let me live in the Travel Lifestyle wich was my dream.

That made me cry when I was watching the first workshop and found it exactly aligned with what I was searching for. At that point, I felt my Passion hit the Reality

These 7 Free Videos are where I started my new digital journey toward my wildest dream. If you have a violent motivator and that dream doesn’t leave you alone, doesn’t let you feel fulfillment until you meet it, Check these Free Video Series. Maybe that works for you too. Who knows:)


My experience of Digital Marketing Journey

I knew RESISTANCE as well; I remembered I had experienced resistance in every turning point. For me, the more life-changing that point was, the more severe the resistance was.

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Beyond Known Community

Why do you need to be in your resonated community? Why is it so important to find your TRIBE?

How a community helps you to build a better YOU?

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My Blogs

Check Out My Blogs

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