Personal development tips for success: Open Your Channel And Work and Live In A Flow With Life

Personal development tips for success With Tima
Personal development tips for success With Tima

Why personal development is important for success:

Tima Mir
Tima Mir

Real success is a by-product of Personal Development.

Personal development is investing in yourself, which lets you boost your capacity to feel excellent feelings of achieving success.

A healthy SELF can enjoy or take advantage of success, which comes with Personal Development.

Success has a different meaning for each one of us.

But for most of us, when it comes to success, instantly, we imagine money.

That is what society wants us to consume us to its survival, not our survival.

Mostly we lose the journey and just focus on the end of the journey.

If you don’t let your brain practice daily happiness and satisfaction during the journey, and just invest in the end of it, then your brain could not let you experience the good feeling of the end of the journey, which is a success.

Then you are a loser even if you carry the label of a successful person.

Can you enjoy of a label?

Is it worth it?

Take steps toward your goal in a way that, if you die in the middle of the journey, don’t have any regret that you spend your life investing in the end of it.

Personal development tips for success:

Personal development tips for success: Shift your mindset to Growth Mindset:

Don’t forget the KEY-WORD for GROWTH MINDSET, which is YET as a personal development tip for success. (Read more HERE)

Don’t forget to add YET at the end of each negative sentence, you say:

I cannot do this, YET.

I can not overcome this weakness, YET.

I can not control my thoughts, YET.

I can not speak well YET.

I am not at that point, YET.

Personal development tips for success: Tune in Growth Mindset:

Every day, listen to podcasts around 30 min to boost your productivity and tune in high-level energy. And shift the structure of your mindset to a Growth Mindset. (Read more HERE)

Personal development tips for success: Daily micro-commitments:

Tima Mir
Tima Mir

Don’t forget micro-commitments each day.

Don’t underestimate the power of EACH DAY.

Success is not just investing in the job but also personal development.

We are multidimensional creatures, and if we miss each aspect, we will lose our fulfillment and satisfaction.

Success is what makes you to satisfy intrinsically.

And success and money are by-products of personal development, a healthy lifestyle

All aspects affect each other. As you are progressing in one aspect and miss other aspects, you are going to go backward by other missed aspects.

So, without personal development in all aspects, you cannot experience real success.

Personal development tips for success: Find your weakest points:

Don’t forget; you are not your weaknesses. Your weak points are your X-Factor(your unique style, Read more on this blog), which masked as your weak point.

Your weaknesses hide your X-Factor because you learned from people around you that your unique style is flawed.

Then you decided to hide it. 

But you didn’t know that was what made you unique, and whatever your unique style is, there are so many people out there who are resonated with you and love to fallow your uniqueness.

So, don’t believe your weaknesses. 

They reveal your X-Factor and your uniqueness; therefore, bring you success and happiness.

What is your weakest point?

Don’t believe it as your fixed flaw and add YET at the end of it and be open to change it.

The Intention to strengthen it can boost your confidence and the results.

Personal development tips for success: Breakthrough your fears:

We all have heard that fears are an illusion; fears are not exist externally, fears are self-made.

An electromagnetic network in our brain makes our fears, and they are not external and real. 

The only way you can understand that fears are not real is that you step out of your fears and prove to yourself that they are not real.

Make a list of your fears. 

Decide to take a tiny step every day to push your safe zone and make it bigger.

Are your fears rational?

Are you procrastinate or justify the way you are just because of that you are afraid?

Personal development tips for success: Breakthrough your fears
Personal development tips for success: Breakthrough your fears

Personal development is an ongoing journey. In that journey, you should commit doing some daily routines that help you progress.

I experienced it a lot that I seize my fear, and then I feal that was not that frightening that I thought all life along. 

This was a very awakening moment for me.

Personal development tips for success: Dreaming:

Dedicate 5 minutes per day to Dream. (Read More HERE)

“I don’t know what I want.”

If this is your constant thought, you should practice daily Dreaming.

By the time passes by, your Dream would be clearer.

When you dream, you communicate with your subconscious mind more to find out what data is in the Dream file.

Personal development tips for success: Take a small action toward your goal every day:

Then success will be yours.

Personal development tips for success: Write 15 things that you are good at every day:

That can be a very simple success, like:

I am a good girl for my parents.

I cook Omlete well

I have good ideas

I am a good mother

I learned it from John Keho(I wish I could find a video of him) about six months ago, and it became one of my morning rituals.

It helped me to remind myself every day what abilities I have, and it made me more confident toward achieving my goals.

Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance.- Eckhart Tolle “A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose”

Personal development tips for success: Go Beyond Known

Here is why you should Go Beyond Known and weaknesses:

Most of your emotions are determined by your best friend, who is always with you, in all of your ups and downs, who is your SELF.

Your SELF talks to you all the time, and don’t let you alone. 

She always reminds you of your weaknesses, your known box. 

Why? To create a safe area for you to avoid threats for your survival. 

But we both know that is a misunderstanding of your brain.

You can teach your brain to be more courageous and creative, then the chances for survival would extend.

But in your known world, there is not any expectation for survival, whereas the brain loves to detect expectations for your survival and releases Dopamine, which lets you feel the zest of life.

When you take refugee in your safe, known world, you are just safe from threats for your survival, but without any new expectation for your survival. 

So it is necessary to break your known box and go beyond known.

Personal development tips for success: Surrounding with aligned people:

Personal Development tips for success

Surround yourself with people who are aligned with your vision.

As I told in the “About my community,” we learn and sympathize with mirror neurons.

Your mirror neurons activate both whether you are doing something or watching a person who is doing the same.

Look at how our surroundings influence us.

Personal development tips for success: Enjoy the journey of your personal development

I learned it from my mentor, and it was one of those lifechanging.

I learned to make a balance between my NOW and my DREAM of the future. 

You should be happy both NOW and when you are DREAMING.

Remember, if you are not happy during your journey, your brain cannot learn how to bring you happiness when you achieve your Dream.

Personal development tips for success: Recognize the resistances:

 Recognize the resistance, and don’t stop by them.

To me, most of the time, the more lifechanging a turning point is, the more resistances I experienced before that.

Don’t forget; Law of inertia is everywhere.

Sometimes failure is much much better than not to try.

There are lots of tressures lied at your fears and failures, those show up as resistances.

“The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.” – Nelson Mandela

Personal development tips for success: My body is my home:

You should care about your body because you do all the steps, enjoy all your successes by your body. 

It seems that your body doesn’t have to do anything with your business success, but it plays a key role in business success.

Personal development tips for success: Leverage imagination to overcome when you are stuck:

Whenever you stuck, just take 5 minutes and close your eyes, imagine you overcome that hard situation or fear, then go and do it.

I learned it from Maxwell Maltz’s Cyber ​​Cybernetics book

It does magic for me. You can try it, and let’s see what your experience is.

I hope my personal development tips for success work for you too. Share your experiences in FACEBOOK COMMUNITY.

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Put down stories in your head you have been carrying for too long.

Don’t sacrifice your interests to have a good life in the new Age anymore.

Can’t wait to read your comments.:)

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