The Importance Of X-Factor: Your X-Factor lies at what you don’t like about yourself

The Importance Of X-Factor- with Tima
The Importance Of X-Factor- with Tima

Where is Your X-Factor:

Tima Mir
Tima Mir

What happens to your X-Factor when you hide yourself?

We all have our unique best version(an image of an ideal attractive character which includes your X-Factor), but we usually don’t perform as our best version.

When you don’t perform as your best version, you are emulating other people’s best version. 

So, in this way, you are hiding your best version.

To hide anything, you need to put so much effort into it. 

Also, you should be afraid of your best version that you are hiding not to show up. 

Because other people’s best versions identify you, and people know and accept you by that identity.

So, as time passes by, you should worry more because you earned more attention from other people. And the more you gain, the more things are there that you should worry about. 

But you are not aware that you are hiding your best version, which includes your X-Factor, then it would be out of reach more and more.

So why it is important you be your best version:

Your X-Factor lies at your best version.

Your uniqueness lied at your X-Factor.

If you have your uniqueness, you are the only person in the world that has that.

People love uniqueness; they would pay attention to the unique things, pay money for unique things and unique characters, are attracted by unique things, try to have unique things, try to work with unique people.

All of what we do is to attract more people or attention to be more accepted.

If you attract more people, you can earn more money, fulfillment, satisfaction, worthiness, and our brain detects them as chances for your survival and then releases happy chemicals.

So, if you find your uniqueness and play your own role, embrace your story, own it, you get more results and happiness.

If you emulate other people’s X-Factor, you should learn to be a good actor, and good lier, also, be more competitive, because you have so many competitors, and you should always carry worries.

But if you find your x-factor you are you don’t have any competitors, you are the only person who has it. 

And just by being what really you are, you would stand out of the crowd.

“As a singer, this will help you to prevent wastage of energy in worry. I would like to call it ‘unacting acting’ where you are acting, but you don’t realize that you are. People love you when they see this version of you.” Nancy Katyal, Lead Image Consultant & Behavioural Skills Trainer at ‘The Perfect YOU.’

Nancy Katyal
Nancy Katyal

Your X-Factor is your unique body language, your own view of the world, your unique accent, your unique style of walking, speaking, eating, reacting. Usually, you perceive them as your weaknesses.

That’s why you hide them because you learned from people around you that you are not attractive, your unique style is not attractive, then you start to hide it and emulate other people?

Do you like your unique style?

Or you learned that they are weaknesses in your real version that is your X-Factor?

The X-Factor in the words of my mentor: Your X-Factor lies at what you don’t like about yourself

So, now I want to share my mentor’s speech about the importance of x-factor and how you can find it, where you can search for it.

He explained it in a very good way, and I prefer to share his original explanation here with you:). The whole of his speech is in the video below.

“The thing that makes you unique, the reason you are on this earth, the reason people are going to follow you, is not because you know something, you couldn’t possibly learn enough stuff to be an expert on any topic for people to pay you for that.

you’d have to go get a Ph.D. or a degree, that’s the traditional way of doing things, as an entrepreneur you get paid for your perspective, you get paid for being who you are, your unique view of the world, so, start sharing that.” Jay Kubassek.

“I’d like to visualize a little monkey or a parrot that sits on your shoulder, and he is actually sitting on every one of your shoulders right now, and says, oh, Jay, don’t forget, you speak fast, you are insecure, you don’t know what you are talking about, he doesn’t believe you.

Oh, Jay, you should probably just hang out for getting off the phone as quickly as possible, you don’t mean it to be any more embarrassed than you already are…” Jay Kubassek. (To know more, watch the video below) 

PRO U’s Jay Kubassek on the X-Factor

What is your x-factor?

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