Trust Your Curiosity:

Trust your Curiosity
Trust your Curiosity

Find the tribe who trust their Curiosity:

Tima Mir
Tima Mir

When I decided to write about “Trust Your Curiosity,” I didn’t want to suggest you trust your Curiosity.

 I assumed if this title attracted your attention to click on it, open the page and start to read about “Trust Your Curiosity,” you already are trusting your Curiosity, or you are fed up with rat race, and you wanted approval for what you are doing, or you wanted to know about other people’s experiences who are trusting their Curiosity.

Either way, you have made your decision to trust your Curiosity.

I assume people who are trusting their Curiosity; should have decided to leave the rat race one day. So, they are always seeking their resonated tribe. 

That’s why you decided to read this blog. (In my opinion:))

There is something different in people who take their step into the unknown journey of trusting their Curiosity without any certainty, with a lot of opposition of their surroundings, and people who are addicted to the society’s approval and its competition. 

The latter one trusts the rat race laws. They cannot ignore it.

They are feed with society’s judgment.

They expect society to reward them.

Their brain found society’s approval as their survival source.

People who trust their uncertain Curiosity:

People who are trusting their Curiosity found life as a game.

A game that there is a sound inside each one of the players, and no one can hear the other ones.

And when you cannot hear the sound inside of a person who is close to you, you cannot understand why he/she is doing this. Then you cannot trust anybody’s lead, and you should just trust your own lead, which is your Curiosity

In my opinion, people who trust their Curiosity decided to hear that simultaneously frightening and pleasant voice that calls them to separate from the rat race, the only tribe they knew. 

They let that voice inspire them because they found the sound more pleasant than frightening. Read How I found my passion in life to know how I trusted my curiosity and it was worth it.

I think they let the sound show its beauty, and they fell in love with the sound inside of them, instead of falling in love with a person.

They found any kind of dependency, as a threat to miss their love which is their Curiosity.

Why it is better to forget to trust your Curiosity:

Why it is better to forget to trust your Curiosity
Why it is better to forget to trust your Curiosity

The essence of nature is WILD; nature is not compatible with a limited framework.

The human being’s nature is wild too. Curiosity is a part of a human being’s nature, the intuitive path.

What if each person follows their instinct?

What if each person trusts their Curiosity?

How could societies shape?

So, a need to create a box with specific rules and guaranteed ways of meeting an individual’s need was felt to be sure that people can live in that framework. But instead, they should get a reward from living in that box to leave their wild nature.

They should propose some compelling subjects to the people to forget their nature and to trust their Curiosity.

Then the rat race competition with its compelling principles was created.

Compelling rewards to forget your Curiosity:

If you live based on these principles and try to get more ranking in the competition, you don’t need to trust your uncertain, unlimited, frightening, untested Curiosity

Here is more safety. Yes, it is far from your wild nature, but you know everything has been tested before, and you don’t need to find new ways to feel worthy and fulfilled.

Just follow the way your surroundings are following, and trust the societies lead to be blessed. Also, you should take care of the principles to stay worthy.

Trusting your Curiosity vs trusting rat race
Trusting your Curiosity vs trusting rat race

The rat race competition principles:

  • The higher the degree of a university, the more trustworthy the person and more blessed. No matter he/she like the field of study, no matter her/his natural alignment.
  • The higher the company employees, the better the person, no matter her/his interests or spirit; the name of the company can bring happiness and joy and take care of other aspects of life.
  • Each person should guarantee the success of the way he/she wants to step in, at the beginning of the path. No matter that is the first try of the person or the 10th try, he/she should be successful in the first try.
  • The less failure, the better. No matter what a person has learned from failures. To do that, you should try things that have been tried before to avoid failure; the goal is to have less failure.
  • A person with less failure and less success are better than a person with more failure and less success; also, is better than a person with more failure and more success—their experiences are disregarded.
  • He/She should have the same dreams as her/his surroundings. No one should speak about a new topic or think about a far fetched topic in their surroundings minds.
  • Everyone should be realistic, and the reality he/she should be aligned with what her/his surroundings can embed in their mind.
  • A person who carries big names is more worthy; like a big company, a big family, even a friend with big successes, with big names, significant degrees, big assets, can make him/her more worthy. No matter you are satisfied with them or not, no matter you are happy or not. No matter you are useful or not.
  • The more agree the person with her/his surroundings, te worthier the person. No matter what they say or think is rational or not.
  • A person who gets more score to these criteria, the more blessed the person, the more survival chances he/she has. But if another person geta a higher rating in the competition, she/he should be relaxed, not jealous or sad.
  • The more relaxed, happier, satisfied the person seems, the worthier the person. No matter what grief the person experienced, no matter the negative feelings is a part of a human being’s nature. No matter no one can be free of negativity. Still, you should seem happy and without negativity, even if it is not what you are feeling.
  • The better ranKing your MASK gets, the worthier person you are. No matter your AUTHENTICITY.
  • You should not have any weak point; if you have by chance;), you should try your best to hide it, lest anyone understand it.
  • The closer a body to Barby’s shape and the less belly fat and the thinner, the worthier is the person. No matter what is your genes, what shape your style is. 
  • The sooner a person fixes his/her life and knows what he/she wants, the more worthy the person is.
  • If you don’t know where the way you are going to take you, you are STRANGE AND CONFUSED, MAYBE CRAZY, and you are not deserved to be paid attention. No matter you are learning new things. 
  • You have to know how the story ends in order to start writing the first chapter.

But the point is:

Because you chose the external source of meeting your needs, you should always take care of the source because the external world is out of your control. But don’t worry, you are not alone, there are lots of people like you;).

Do you still prefer to trust your Curiosity!!!

Trust your Curiosity
Trust your Curiosity


It is safer to live in a framework that everything is defined, and you have specific ways to be worthwhile, and you are familiar with it because your all ancestors lived in that way, and you sure that way at least hadn’t killed them.

Also, you are not alone.:)


What if you trust your Curiosity?

What if you decide to test the world out of this box that your nature calls you?

What if you cannot bear the rat race and couldn’t meet your needs there?

Yes, if you take your nature path and trust your Curiosity, it would let you experience FLOW STATE, FRESHNESS, VASTNESS, FULFILLMENT.

But you should be ready for any hardship. Nothing is specific.

You are GOING BEYOND KNOWNuntested ways.

You expose to the UNKNOWN WORLD.

There are not any rules in the UNKNOWN WORLD.

There is not anything as good or bad if you trust your Curiosity.

There is not any leader. 

The only leader is inside of each person that is calling him/her, and nobody else can hear the leader’s sound except that person.

Trust your curiosity
Trust your curiosity

There is not any certainty; there are a vast majority of opportunities in front of you, and you should trust your Curiosity to chose one.

You need to be courageous enough to trust your Curiosity.

You need to be AUTHENTIC AND HONEST with yourself more than anyone else to trust your Curiosity.

The good news in trusting your Curiosity:

When you trust your Curiosity, you get a reward from inside of you.

When you find the inner source of meeting your needs, getting a reward, feeling worthy, with freshness and fulfillment, nobody can take it from you.

There is no need to worry about losing it; there is not any threat to deteriorate it. 

The sound is always singing for you and leading you.

You hocked an unlimited and infinitive source of life, which brings you all kinds of elevated feelings.

Trusting your Curiosity can be your fuel to take your journey of trusting your Curiosity, AN UPWARD GOING LOOP. Read how to feed your curiosity.

Now, which world do you prefer? the world of safe known, or a world of uncertain and untested unknown?

What was your feeling when you were reading this blog post?

If my words were resonated with you and felt we are in the same tribe, please send me a message; I love to hear from my tribe.:)

The more I found my tribes, the more I was confident, the more I felt fulfillment, the more I trust my Curiosity.



Let your second nature go, let it flow, let your real nature come from the unknown with Go Beyond Known JOURNEY.

Put down stories in your head you have been carrying for too long.

Don’t sacrifice your interests to have a good life in the new Age anymore.

Can’t wait to read your comments.:)

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