How to turn your passion into a career? Learn A Proven Way From Scratch.

How to turn your passion into a career? With Tima
How to turn your passion into a career? With Tima

How Aligned You Are with your career passion?

Tima Mir
Tima Mir

First, ask this question to discover your current position:

  • If number 1 is just working and working with no passion and interest in your life and career at all, spending your life just for finding solutions for problems, no time for listening to your little creative inner child with sweet dreams and let it enjoy even a moment, 
  • And if number 10 is living and working with passion, full of excitement, adventurous, creativity, doing your career passion, enjoying all moments of life wherever you are and whoever you are with, living based on your values, What is your NUMBER?

If your number is less than 5, then ask this question:

  • Imagine you continue this path till 5 or 10 years from now, live with little joy, hide and suppress your playful inner child because you have no time, forget your life passion, don’t let your brain releases happy chemicals and make it lazy for that, let your body to be addicted to stress mood, be a slaver for money, make your decisions and communicate with others all based on money, live not based on your values, and working based on others’ values and make others’ dreams true, being a constant chaser for the next moment all your life, WHAT DO YOU FEEL?

When I was way away from my career passion:

When I was way away from my career passion.

This was me that was looking for money and had experienced lots of different careers, even ones I did not deserve for them. But when I think about it now, I am really satisfied that I listened to my heart and left them. 

I was afraid of being workless from others’ perspective until I find a way to turn my passion into a career, so whereas I knew those jobs were not aligned with me and what I wanted to spend all of my life for them, I decided to be at least an employee, because I didn’t have any other options to work around my passion

Enough Was Enough:

Until one day, I was a real estate consultant when enough was enough for me, and I couldn’t bear that chaotic situation that I felt I spent most of my day with the wrong people who were not in my type and just spoke bullshit. It was ashamed why I was here at all? Why am I bearing this situation? For what? For money! 

I missed my dreams, which I couldn’t work separately with my passion more than that.

That day, I just let them know that I would not work for tomorrow, turned off my phone, took a ticket, and went to another city 12 hours away from where I lived. I just wanted to get rid of that atmosphere and be on the road to observe my path, life, current situation, and review where the hell I was going to. 

I knew that I don’t want to come back to that place anymore. I took my decision and told myself that I prefer to eat less and just live in a simple way with little money, rather than going to work and spend all precious moments of my life with those wrong people to earn money, whereas I had lots of ideas and interests in life that were waiting for me to meet them.

They were like deep sounds whispering and calling me all the time. I couldn’t let them alone anymore. I couldn’t live without them anymore.

I needed time to spend on them more than money. I had lots of interests, and at least I could spend my time searching on the internet and know more about them and find some ways to turn my passion into a career, rather than to spend all the time with people and stuff that were not aligned with me at all.

I was so happy living with little saved money and more time to do for my career passion; I didn’t want to go back that way. I knew there were many opportunities out there aligned with me that people with the same passion as me were living in that way. I had to go and find them.

And I wanted to find those ways of turning my passion into a career. I wanted to live a life that makes me feel more excited, peaceful, worthy. And I didn’t have any other reason to trade my life for money. I understood the worth of Quality Of Life.

I promised my self just to step where is aligned with me and my passion. It seemed Me and My Passionate Life were waiting for each other for a long time. Read Here To Know How I Found My Passion In Life.

As if I found my lost child after a long time and I didn’t want to lose it again. 

It was like I found my lost child when I get out of rat race and searched for my career passion.
It was like I found my lost child when I get out of rat race and searched for my career passion.

I should be so careful and conscious not to lose it and stuck in the rat race again. I found myself in a feeling of security. It seemed all my body cells were swimming against the tide before, but now they are getting rest from that tough situation I put them into. 

Such a great relief that I allowed my cells to feel.

I found a way to turn my passion into a career.

I searched a lot on the internet to live geographically free while I’m doing what I love; eventually, I found These Three Workshops that I had a lot of doubts about it at first. But I couldn’t ignore it. At least I wanted to test it. 

What if that was one of those chances to shake my whole life and cause me to get out of my known world and known identity that was not aligned with my best version to help me Create A Life I Loved.

I decided to take small and safe actions first to watch Three Workshops that took about 30-40 minutes of time for each one. Then I decided to sign up for an account that now it is FREE because of Coronavirous situation. Then I had enough information to decide to continue or not, to test this appealing offer that seemed aligned with my values.

Yeas! It Was Totally Worth It:

Yes It Was Worth it To Live With My Career Passion.
Yes It Was Worth it To Live With My Career Passion.

Now that It’s been more than 1 year that I am a part of this community, I would say it was a REAL GAME CHANGER JOURNEY for me. I found lots of resonated friends in this community that maybe I couldn’t find like them close to me. Thank the internet.

To me, this journey was a Wake-Up Call. And I found my self every day more awakened than yesterday. It was a self-discovery journey for me, rather than just be a way of earning money. I was doubtful at first because I thought it would be like SECRET stuff, and there are some hyperactive people who can make you excited very fast.

And you don’t know even why you are like this so excited, and another day you see yourself like before and not any essential changes. BUT, it was totally against, and I’ve got essential changes that I could say, I can live in a flow state wherever I am, and whatever I am doing, I can find my resonated way of living.

In this community, I learned to free my inner child that I made her in prison for a long time. I learned to be Real Me and create my career aligned with my real Nature, and accept other people as they are too. Lessons I learned from digital world

I love this awakening journey. I wrote it for you to let you know there is such a great chance for you to turn your passion into a career, IF YOU ARE RESONATE WITH ME, and you can learn how to do it from scratch, and there are people who their passion is helping you. What if it changes your life too? 

If you resonate with my message, I think it is worth it to take the first step and spend 40 minutes of your whole life to figure out it is for you or not.

What if you don’t live with your career passion?

Not living with your career passion is like a lost child in the jungle.
Not living with your career passion is like a lost child in the jungle.

If you live and work for a moment in the future that you achieve your goal, I should say that you are a looser because being successful is a journey, and most of this journey, you are on the way to your goal. So, you trade most of your life for one pleasing moment. Do you want to continue this trade?

Do you want to continue in this way because it is familiar for you, and you get the hands of this way’s issues, and you know how to handle them instead of coping with new issues? Does it make you satisfied in life to continue the wrong way and get the same results repeatedly?

Deep down, we all know that there should be a better way of living, and life shouldn’t be like this, but we all live in this way unconsciously. 

Living with career passion lets you enjoy your life moments; even when you are breaking through difficulties, then difficulty doesn’t mean difficulty.

These three workshops are where lead me to turn my passion into a career, and I learned to live and work in flow with life; I didn’t have any idea where this journey will take me.



Let your second nature go, let it flow, let your real nature come from the unknown with Go Beyond Known JOURNEY.

Put down stories in your head you have been carrying for too long.

Don’t sacrifice your interests to have a good life in the new Age anymore.

Can’t wait to read your comments.:)

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Tima Mir

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