What are thoughts And Feelings?

What are thoughts and feelings?
What are thoughts and feelings?

Now we want to see what a thought is?

What are Thoughts and Feelings?

Thoughts and feelings in terms of neurons in the brain:


Thoughts and Feelings are dynamic energy.

Thoughts are electrical signals.

The brain is an employee of mind.

There are 100 billion neurons in a typical human brain.

These neurons send and receive electromagnetic signals via brain chemicals called neurotransmitters (included happy chemicals I will cover in the following blogs).

The number of connections you have in one neuron, for every 100 neurons in your brain, is between 10,000 and 40,000. 

They exchange electrical signals with each other anywhere from 20 to a thousand times a second. These neural connections create your state of mind and conversely.

In fact, the mind and brain have a reciprocated interconnection and impact on each other.

By the way, your access to your brain is via your mind. The mind is made up of thoughts. So your access to your brain is via your thought. Otherwise, you cannot impact on neurons of your brain directly. 

The brain is an employee of mind.

Now, can you imagine how many different neural connection possibilities your brain has, therefore, how many different states of mind you can be in?

That’s why in a rut lifestyle pisses me off the most, and I took the path of beyond known.

So what?

The mind includes so many thought circuits.

Each thought creates a neural connection in the brain. 

Neural connections are electromagnetic signals.

So thoughts are dynamic electromagnetic energy.

A bunch of thought creates a thought circuit in mind.

thought circuit creates a neural pathway or neural network in the brain.

In fact, each experience creates a thought circuit, then creates a neural pathway in the brain.

So you have a neural pathway for each experience that creates a feeling

As Joe Dispenza said: the feeling is a chemical form of an experience.

Thoughts are electromagnetic signals:

What are thoughts and feelings?
What are thoughts and feelings?

Electricity flows in a way with less resistance, like fluids.

Previous neural pathways are less resistant.

So the more you think, the less resistant that neural pathway would be, and the more quickly your electricity flows in that specific neural pathway.

Statistics show most of our thoughts are negative.

So the more you think, the more you create a negative frequency.

Whenever you are free, your electricity flows in pathways with less resistance, which most of the time is your worst experience, that called remembering, instead of flow in a new neural pathway.

The good news is you can change your brain because you can change your thought (to read the related blog click here). 

REWIRING is when you cause your electricity to flow in a new pathway you like.

In other words, we can say change your mind to change your brain to change your mind. 

Your brain has neuroplasticity, which is the brain’s ability to change. 

Also, neural pathways can activate other resonated ones.

That’s why we create escapism to escape from the flow of electricity in the past worst neural pathways. 

Also, these thought electromagnetic signals can be picked up by electrodes on other people’s skin. So we don’t carry them just in your heads, but also we can affect others too.

So the thought is dynamic energy, which carries information.

So as we said, thought and feelings are the flow of electricity in your brain.

As Loretta said, understand feeling is just your electricity is going to go through your neural pathway and be aware that that worst experience is over.

So, which worst neural pathways your electricity flows in? What experiences are over, but you still are carrying them as thought circuits and feelings for years, and you are faking them?

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World of thoughts, your known world:

World of thoughts, unreal world

In fact, simultaneously, you live in two worlds:

– the inner world, which is the world of feeling and thought, world of known, is created by the flow of electricity in neural pathways in your brain.

– The outer world, that you can understand it with your 5 senses, the world of the unknown, is a process of lots of data on the reality of the external world. Zillion laws are being run to create this moment as it is. 

For example, there are processing lots of data to keep the universe as a vast system and fabulous performance of physics and quantum physics laws.

For instance, at this moment, the earth is revolving around the sun based on particular laws, with a specific distance and pace.

At the same time, light is traveling through space at a specific pace to enable us to see, or the Electrons of the atom should revolve in a precise distance and speed around the neutron, or dear gravity, which helps us to be stable. 

Otherwise, the universe would explode. 

So at this moment, there is processing lots of data to make this moment as it is.

Then, that’s wrong to think you can control everything with thinking, or you should worry when you are not thinking.

“The whole brain, when functioning correctly, is a phenomenon dance, coordinating 20 million billion bits of information every second.”

The point is that you confuse the two worlds with each other and process both’s data with thinking, like what is shown in this video:

And your mind assumes not thinking is UNKNOWN, which we all are afraid of the most. Because of that, we all take refuge in the known.

That’s why I want to show you how to go beyond known.

So now BEYOND THOUGHT or BEYOND KNOWN is the feeling of BEING, which is hard to come by. 


The more you detach from the known world of thought or inner world, the more you feel BEING. 

The more you let your energy flow, the more you feel glorious, which you cannot experience in the known world of thought at all.

And these help each other to boost, which is SYNERGIC PHENOMENON.

So what you learned from this:

– Accept the bitter truth of NOTHING or BEYOND KNOWN:

In fact, the bitter truth is just made in your mind, what you have built your life based on, which is not real.

Because you built your life based on your thoughts.

– Go beyond thought, go beyond known:

What you are afraid of is controlling you.

– Let it go, let it flow, let it come.

There is a lot of data processing at this moment in the outer world.

Go beyond thought, be resonated with the present moment, live in flow state, experience brilliant feelings straightly without carrying any meaning in your head.

Which world do you live right now? In the ELECTRICAL WORLD of THOUGHTS in your head? Or in the real world of THIS MOMENT?

Do you want to know HOW to get out of that ELECTRICAL WORLD? Follow me in the next blog.

I wish you wake yourself up, be free of mental slavery, and realize thoughts and feelings are just electricity, and illusion, not reality.



Let your second nature go, let it flow, let your real nature come from the unknown with Go Beyond Known JOURNEY.

Put down stories in your head you have been carrying for too long.

Don’t sacrifice your interests to have a good life in the new Age anymore.

Can’t wait to read your comments.:)

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