What does Success mean to you?

What does Success mean?

Tima Mir
Tima Mir

We have been lied to About the definition of Success.

Success is not what other people could define it for all.

Success is a state of mind. 

Success is a feeling, a feeling of fulfillment, satisfaction, joy. 

And you should find what can give you that feeling, and that is unique to you.

Look at this image:

Freud Iceberg
Freud Iceberg

A lot of our suffering is because of this misperception of Success.

Because Violent Motives are like a loud sound is calling you to be met.

But when you chase others’ values that are at your subconscious level to be successful, you experience the conflict between the value at your subconscious level and your unconscious level.

It causes you to feel UNFULFILLMENT because there is a voice that is hungry for expressing itself at the unconscious level and is thurst to be met.

But you cannot hear the sound until you take time, go deep down and keep silent to figure it out.

There is already a definition of Success at your unconscious level that you should figure it out.

What does Success mean to you?
What does Success mean to you?

That’s why FEELING FULFILLMENT is not related to your achievements based on society’s values. Still, FEELING FULFILLMENT deeply connected to the willing at your unconscious level that is not any reason behind it, cannot be justified, cannot be judged.

There is not any right or wrong about your unique definition of Success. 

That is your instinct, your existence. You cannot deny it.

As far as you ignore it, you feel emptiness and are away from the fULFILLMENT, because there is a desire that draws you to be met deep down.

You should meet that sound, that desire whatever it is to feel PEACE, FULFILLMENT.

And feeling FULFILLMENT doesn’t have anything to do with how much you have in your bank account, or you are a kind person, or you found your loved one, you traveled a lot; unless these are aligned with your VIOLENT MOTIVES at your unconscious level.

As you can see in the above image, violent motives laid at the unconscious level, where you are not aware of it without digging into it, and there is no rational reason for wanting it.

And those are not clear to anybody except YOU.

And you have been lied to what your values should be.

What other people told us as a definition of Success, is laid at a subconscious level, whereas our violent motives that can bring fulfillment and successful feeling, laid at an unconscious level. 

So, nobody access to the source of your definition of Success except YOU, because nobody access to your unconscious level.

That is something unique to you, and you should find your version of Success to feel successful.

Most of the data is at the unconscious level and are invisible to us. 

When you follow the values at the subconscious level, those are what you have been told as values, not your values.

The power of the unconscious level is more than the conscious and subconscious level.

If you follow others’ versions of Success, it doesn’t mean to you, and you would feel empty, and you would feel you are more away from FEELING FULFILLMENT.

So, to find your version of Success, you need to make a connection between your conscious and unconscious level and allow yourself to understand what is in there. 

Below are some tips to make this connection.

How to find your version of Success:

What is your version of Success?

Even if you don’t know what Success means to you to take steps toward it, so, searching to find your version of Success is a Success. Because without taking the time to find it, you cannot be successful.

What does Success mean to you?
What does Success mean to you?

So, you can feel successful even if you don’t know what your version of Success is if you go through finding it.

Define Success on your own terms.

EVERYONE HAS A CALLING at the unconscious level and is waiting to be met. Otherwise, you feel uncomfortable, and it arises negativity, sadness inside of you.

Fulfillment is achieved by meeting that CALLING.

Ways to find your CALLING.

  • Write five times of the best moments in your life when you experience deep joy and peace. Find out what made you feel like that until you don’t find any other reason for that except feeling joy and fulfillment. Remember, it can be whatever, regardless it is rational or not, or you have any reason for that feeling or not, just accept it and be proud of it.

As time passes by, you would realize more about your definition of Success. Take your time and be comfortable with unanswered questions about your version of Success, like these questions: 

why do I like it? 

Where will it take me? 

How can I explain it to others? 

How can I justify it? 

Where should I start it?

And don’t try to answer them with your knowns. 

Let this foggy version of Success feed your curiosity and drive you to attract and find more of it if it is vague to you. Let this curiosity lead you toward your version of Success, not other’s version of success.

Find your version of Success even if it is foggy
Find your version of Success even if it is foggy
  • What do you like to be known at? What do you like other people say about you?

When you want to find your version of Success, leave all meaning or perception of Success you have ever heard, and let yours show up. It can be everything; for me, at first, Hichhickinhg, free plan traveling, was what I got from my definition of  Success, and all I wanted from life.

I told my parents that I love traveling without any reason, I don’t know what I want to do in my traveling, but I want it.

I didn’t know why, but then it showed me more and more.

You don’t have to have any definition for it or any rational reason. When you want to re-scale it to be understandable or justified for other people, you will lose it.

Don’t consider Success as something huge and abstract, because that doesn’t let you find it, because you are searching for it through your known world, while your version of Success lais at the unconscious level that is far away from your known world.

Success from another perspective:

You cannot feel successful overnight. 

You cannot feel successful without taking all steps on the way to your goal. 

Success is a state of mind and is not a specific point; also, you would feel successful when you chase your own version of Success, then Success is each day that you took a step through your Violent Motivation. 

Without daily Success you cannot be successful.

Then, DAILY SUCCESS can make you feel successful every day, not just when you achieve a point.

“Every day, ask yourself what makes you feel amazing if it gets done at the end of the day. Stuart Ross” ( My mentor in SFM)

What does success mean to you?

What is your version of Success?



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