What is the root Cause Of All Suffering?

What is the root cause of all suffering?

What is the root cause of all suffering?


In this blog series, I’m going to show you the root cause of all suffering, and the word SUFFERING doesn’t exist without a person who is creating it. In other words, if we leave YOU out from your reality of life, we cannot find what you had called suffering prior.

“The whole brain, when functioning correctly, is a phenomenon dance, coordinating 20 million billion bits of information every second.”

YOU are the one who is suffering from s.th, which is a meaning you have dedicated to a matter, and that meaning is just in your head. It may sound obvious. But that’s the critical point.

Comparing two or several definitions and give a result for that based on so many contradicted information, based on so many memories from your past life, suffering from them and carry them for a long time are such lots of data.

So suffering costs you a fortune.

So yes, the root cause of suffering is somewhere in YOU, and you are the CREATOR of that.

When you become aware of it and accept it, I would elaborate on the mechanism of creating those SUFFERING thoughts by your brain and mind.

Then I walk you through how to use that mechanism in a way to support you instead of defeating you in some very SIMPLE way but NOT IN A SHORT TIME.

YOU are the root cause of suffering :

What is the root cause of all suffering?
What is the root cause of all suffering?

what is the root cause of all suffering?


IMAGINE for a few minutes, where you are sitting in, who you see now, what you can hear just now in this room you are in, the objects around you, who you can see now, are the only things you can see, hear, touch, smell, taste in the universe. 

In other words, imagine what you can see, hear, touch, smell, taste right now, are the only things that exist in the universe. There is nothing out there you should achieve. No point you want to arrive. No (mental) competition you are taking part in. Nothing from past you are carrying. No thoughts, no memories, no identities, no one, and nothing is out there that you feel a responsibility.

What do you feel now? Emptiness, peace, the fear of nothingness (click here to read the related blog)?

What was the difference between this state of mind and your normal state? Something in your mind?

What has changed in this seemingly imaginary state?

Which state is the truth in your idea?

What were you carrying to hide this horror of the truth of nothingness, if so?

Except what you feel with your five senses, what remains is THOUGHT.

Why are you carrying those thoughts? Why are you taking refuge in them?

What you get from carrying them? Safety, feeling of controlling your environment?

Can you feel such a massive weight by carrying thoughts during your whole life?

the root cause of suffering just exists in your MIND :

the root cause of suffering just exists in your MIND
the root cause of suffering just exists in your MIND


The IMPORTANT QUESTION you should ask yourself is, what are you carrying around in your head that should have been put down a long time ago?

What you can feel with your five senses is the truth; if so, if I don’t say all, most of your problems you were fighting for, traveling years to solve, would collapse at the drop of a hat. Am I right?

Now you can feel BEING, the state of flow.

Then you can affirm this sentence, the root cause of suffering just exists in your MIND“.

So what do you think about it? Why, whereas we can live in permanent peace and joyous simply, we carry so much information as memories, meanings in our head wherever we go? Is there any necessity? Where does the route lie?

What I’m saying is, when you are engaged with thinking, you are carrying those thoughts from a long time ago, then you don’t pay attention to what you can feel with your five senses right now. So you create an imaginary world from THOUGHT.

Where your attention is, determines the root cause of suffering :

  • Your attention is with your thought and is thinking?


  • With what your five senses can feel?

Then if I don’t say all, the root cause of most of your SO-CALLED suffering is just in your imaginary world, not in the real world. That’s YOU, who has created and carried your imaginary world for too long. 

How we create the root cause of suffering?

Now I will show you how we live in some assumptions about reality and think they are the reality.

We GUESS about what’s going on around us. DON’T MISS WATCHING THIS VIDEO that shows you how we live in MISCONCEPTION OF REALITY. That will change your mind totally. 

As you see in the video, the guy confused about what she saw and what she touched and connected them.

The point is that we do the same in our daily life.

As you know, how you feel inside of your body, is different from how you feel outside of your body.

Then you connect what you feel about inside and outside of your body, confuse these senses, make an assumption as a reality and carry them for your whole life. 

We are carrying such massive data and stories and meanings in terms of THOUGHT and act of THINKING.

THINKING is the root cause of all your suffering included analyzing, comparing, processing, creating questions, and finding definite answers for them …. 

So when you understand the world with your brain, no wonder you don’t feel the glory of the universe.

Also, thought is nothing except for PAST experiences, even your thoughts about the future. Which you repeat them every day.

That’s why mostly you have the same suffering, problem, thought that you had for example 10 years ago.


Being aware of, admit, don’t react to and accept this simple reality:

– Your problem and your suffering are come from your thought.

– The thought is related to the past, so it is not real.

– Thought just exists in your mind and is not real.

Where is your attention RIGHT NOW? Can you hear the sounds outside of you? Or you are hearing the voice is playing in your head every day and every moment?

I wish you wake yourself up, be free of mental slavery, and realize that the root cause of all suffering is mental imagination, not reality.



Let your second nature go, let it flow, let your real nature come from the unknown with Go Beyond Known JOURNEY.

Put down stories in your head you have been carrying for too long.

Don’t sacrifice your interests to have a good life in the new Age anymore.

Can’t wait to read your comments.:)

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