What kind of MINDSET do you have? Get a Mindset that Automatically brings you Success

What kind of MINDSET do you have?
What kind of MINDSET do you have?

How Mindset affects decision making:

Tima Mir
Tima Mir

When I found one’s Mindset is what created one’s life:

I remember we were sitting at the lunch table; one offered to another to record her voice about her niche and sell it online.

A third person (B) told her that no, you could not do that because you don’t have a talent for speaking, you are not like speakers those are a good speaker intrinsically.

After a few seconds, the one gave an offer to that person(B), he(B) answered that: 

about the teaching offer you gave me, I should say that it’s been a long time that I haven’t done it and I’m way far away to do it. 

Also about another career offer you gave me, I should say that this doesn’t work here in this city.

Then I found why the B lives how he lives, and the reason was his MINDSET.

And I remembered B had kept saying those words over and over again.

He was carrying those thoughts for a long time just to justify his not taking action and the way he lived and oriented his decision making.

That time I realized how our surrounding’s limiting beliefs deceived us, how other people cheated us, how we make our decisions by other people’s Mindset.

I was impressed by many times that we had the feeling that we cannot do something, just because of that B kind of people’s Mindset was like that.

And how upsetting it is.

I was so impressed that day because I remembered all of those moments that I was in doubt to follow my dreams and my curiosity because of that, B kind of people kept telling me that this is not a good way for you.

They brought some reason because they were older than me and society says that older people know better, they are more experienced, so we should learn from their experiences. 

But at that time, I didn’t know all of these opinions are based on two kinds of Mindset based on Carol Dweck’s research into mindsets, GROWTH MINDSET, and FIXED MINDSET.

Carol Dweck explains why it’s not just our abilities and talent that bring us success–but whether we approach them with a fixed or growth mindset. “

Carol Dweck
Carol Dweck


For a GROWTH MINDSET, failure is just a little more difficult part of their road toward their goals. 

Hardship is the clue of a new, exciting, broader definition of life, more epiphanies, and ah-ha moments.

Failure shows that there is a weak point, and you need to learn and practice more and stronger in people with GROWTH MINDSET.

Their achievements or their failures do not identify them, the only thing that matters for them is the travel route and to continue. 

Nothing can make them stop and learn more and suppress their curiosity and burning desire to explore the world.

Research shows people who have GROWTH MINDSET are far happier.

Because there is no success expectation for the brain in repetitive things, so your brain cannot release Dopamine, which provides zest for life.

That’s why challenges make brain cells more active.

They have a constant need to evolve.

The others’ success is a motivation for them to go on toward their goals. 

I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life, and that is why I succeed. Micahel Jordan

GROWTH MINDSET accepts critics because they are hungry for learning; they are craving to Go Beyond Known.

They are madly passionate about discovering more and more. 

They never think it is enough for them.

Failure is not what makes them stop, but failure is what motivates people with GROWTH MINDSET more, they believe life as a journey of lifelong learning, trial, and error.

There are no certainties.

The magic word for a Growth Mindset is YET. People with a Growth Mindset say I can not do this YET. I am not there, YET, But I can get there.

Success is about being able to improve yourself every day. Success is about being able to improve yourself every day.

Also, GROWTH MINDSET is good for the decision making to accept the failures and don’t be afraid of them.

Because when you fearful, your brain is in emergency mood and doesn’t operate well and operates automatically based on the programs. 

Then your consciousness is not running, and you don’t make decisions consciously.

They know that a person’s true potential is unknown

“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.” -Henry Ford

Henry Ford
Henry Ford


People have the Mindset like B I mentioned above have a FIXED MINDSET.

They seek perfection, avoid failure, bring some excuses to accept that they cannot go furthermore, and justify why their life is how it is.

They always speak about their successes and want to prove how good and smart they are, instead of improving.

People with FIXED MINDSET want to hide their failures.

They always are afraid of failures and their defects because they think that their intelligence, talents, personality are fixed and cannot change, and if they accept them, they should change them.

They don’t like to see other’s successes; they would be sad.

Because their success shows them that they can be more too, and they don’t have that Mindset to Go Beyond Known and change their belives.

For people with FIXED MINDSET, it is easier to accept the limitation of the brain because then they don’t have to go further more and try harder.

Their biggest fear is fear of failure.

They don’t want to learn new things, because they cannot guarantee that they would have success.

Their fears are more than their curiosity.

They just do whatever they can guarantee, and there is a high chance of success.

FIXED MINDSET is fine with what they have, and they don’t need to get more.

They became good convincers.

They think they should be the best, and without any mistake. That’s why they are not motivated to learn new things.

They are afraid of other’s critics because critics made them change, and making changes is the hardest thing for them.

A FIXED MINDSET label on themselves more. 

Every situation is evaluated: Will I succeed or fail? Will I look smart or dumb? Will I be accepted or rejected? Will I feel like a winner or a loser?

They always compare themselves and their achievements with others.

“People with FIXED MINDSET are always trying to convince themselves and others that they have a royal flush when they are secretly worried it’s a pair of tens.”

Pair of Tens
Pair of Tens

Neuroplasticity: The ability of the brain to change the MINDSET

Watch this video to know how we learn things:

Also you can read my blog about How to Rewire Your Subconscious Mind?

The good news is that studies proved we could change the neural pathways and, therefore, the Mindset

The FIXED MINDSET can shift to a GROWTH MINDSET to succeed more and have a healthier brain. It leads to increased motivation and achievement!

We should thank neuroplasticity that is the ability of the brain to change.

Change your view of success: Instead of thinking that success is being the best, think of success as being wizened with try and error.

So, what kind of Mindset do you have?

Do you say yes to new things and challenges? Is your curiosity more than fears of encountering the unknown?

Or, you say NO when things get harder, and there is a new opportunity that you haven’t test it before? 

Do you escape from being a failure and make your decisions based on that?


What kind of Mindset do you have?

Why we are afraid of others to know our flaws, whereas all of us have our flaws. 

It is our nature to be imperfect and flawed.

Why, whereas we all know it, we are afraid of it? WHY?

Change your MINDSET to GROWTH, accept your flaws as a given truth, embrace failure, follow your curiosity, and don’t be afraid of chasing it, stick to it, and see what brilliant feelings it would bring to you.

Where I learned to get a growth mindset that Automatically brings you Success.



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