Why Is A Healthy Lifestyle Important? Success is a By-Product of A Healthy Lifestyle.

Why is a healthy lifestyle important? With Tima
Why is a healthy lifestyle important? With Tima

Why is a healthy lifestyle important?

Tima Mir
Tima Mir

Today life drives us to a lifestyle congruent with rat race society and focuses on just one dimension, that is earning money.

We all know that we don’t have only one aspect, and we are multidimensional creatures.

And if we miss any of those dimensions, we lose our self-esteem, inner satisfaction.

This was one of the most imperative things I learned from my mentor.

We all instinctively are looking for satisfaction, fulfillment, authenticity, happiness to survive. 

Because we instinctively know that these good feelings make our life longer and help with the quality of our life.

But today, life is not aligned with our instinct. The society culture leads us to a lifestyle to help society survive, NOT to help our survival.

So, if we don’t pay attention to our way of life, which is LIFESTYLE, society is consuming us for its survival. 

In fact, we would be a carrier. 

No one wants to be a carrier.

You need to tune in a lifestyle that supports your survival.

You need to create a lifestyle to bring you real happiness, fulfillment, inner satisfaction, and your best version.

Why is it important to have a healthy lifestyle in balance with your main aspects?

Why is it important to create a healthy lifestyle?
Why is it important to create a healthy lifestyle?

So you need to shift from the lifestyle congruent with the society to a lifestyle that is congruent with your four aspects, which are Health, Self, Wealth, Social.

It was so life-changing for me this lesson from my mentor that a healthy lifestyle is a constant monitoring of your life not to get away from the balance point where these four aspects of life meet each other.

And all of what we are looking for, happiness, fulfillment, money, satisfaction are by-products of a healthy lifestyle in the balance with these four aspects.

  • Health is about your physic.
  • Self is about your mental health—meditation, dreaming, self-love.
  • Wealth is about your job and learning new things in your niche. 
  • Social is about your social communication.

Why a healthy lifestyle is important: Health

Without a healthy body, the mind would not work well, and then you would have a problem with your decision making, therefore our achievements in life.

Also, without a healthy body, you cannot enjoy your results well. Because your brain cannot release happy chemicals fully potential. 

As you know, you need your brain to releases happy chemicals to perceive joyous and happiness.

Also, don’t underestimate the effect of food on your mental health. To me, changing my eating-habit based on my nature, had a huge impact on my mood.

Your body is your home. Make it safe and cheerful.

Why a healthy lifestyle is important: Self

Without a healthy mind, your body doesn’t work well and doesn’t release relative amounts of happy chemicals, then would release stress hormones more, then your genes cannot express themselves well. 

Then you lose your body health.

Also, you cannot enjoy your achievements.

“If you look after yourself, you can feel great!”

Why a healthy lifestyle is important: Self
Why a healthy lifestyle is important: Self

Why a healthy lifestyle is important: Wealth 

Without boosting your niche, without learning new things every day, you would lose your job satisfaction and promotion.

It can help your brain to release the stress hormone, then impacts on your body health and so on.

Also, by learning, you keep your brain young. And if your boss, which is your brain is young, you have a more qualified life.

Why a healthy lifestyle is important: Social health

Without having healthy social communication, we would lose our self-esteem and suffer from lacking serotonin and other happy chemicals.

AARP once published a study revealed that the health risk of prolonged isolation is equivalent to smoking 15 cigarettes a day.”

It is worth mentioning that each one of these aspects in a lifestyle affects each other, and these have an interaction effect on each other.

So, all of these four aspects should be considered for a healthy lifestyle.

Let me add this important point. 

A LIFESTYLE is some daily habits. You should always live in that way, whether on your travel or your regular days or your busy days.

It is like protecting yourself in any condition. 

Because you, YOURSELF, are more important than your busyness, other activities.

Again because if you are not on your best version, then you cannot perceive your result of efforts.

The idea is that you should commit to taking a tiny step in each of those four aspects every day for 90 days to create the habit and your congruent lifestyle to support you in every condition.

That would boost your quality of life incredibly.

Your quality of life, happiness, satisfaction, fulfillment, or success is BY- PRODUCT of your LIFESTYLE.

Leverage good habits to get success and quality of life in less effort.

When you create the habit, you can sit back and let the subconscious mind do the things for you.

Like brushing your teeth.

All you need is to create micro-commitments in those four aspects for 90 days. 

Then you see that you create a system for your subconscious mind to do them for the rest of your life.

Create your Healthy Lifestyle: START FROM SMALLEST STEP

When I wanted to create my healthy lifestyle, I watched a video that got me a brilliant idea for starting, that was putting your shoes, open the door and put your feet on the other side of the door, and come back home.

Create a healthy lifestyle
Create a healthy lifestyle

I’ve done it for the first days, and now I cannot start my daily work without feeling the outside air on my skin and exercise 30 min every day.

When you got used to putting on your shoes every day, then it should be so easy to take several steps more and walk for 5 minutes.

When you got used to walking for 5 minutes, you can make it longer, more comfortable and so on.

Don’t forget that you are making a habit and make a system for your subconscious mind to do it for you automatically without any effort.

You should practice a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE.

There is not an instant result, but when you do it every day, you will start feeling better about your self and increase your self-esteem instantly.

The good feeling about yourself releases serotonin, and the more your brain releases happy chemicals, the less it releases Cortisol Hormone, which is the stress hormone.

“It is also proven that maintaining healthy habits helps slow down the process of aging.”

How healthy is your lifestyle?

Is your lifestyle congruent with your survival or the society’s survival?

Is your lifestyle defeating you or boosting you?

Is your lifestyle in balance with Health, Wealth, Self, Social?

Is your lifestyle supporting you?

healthy lifestyle is a habit. It all comes with creating a daily habit.

I invite you to start with very simple steps.

I invite you to put your shoes every day for your HEALTH ASPECT OF HEALTHY LIFESTYLE.

What would be your smallest step on three other ASPECT OF HEALTHY LIFESTYLE?

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